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This is my first post on I decided to post my sketchbook here course I’m looking forward to your ideas and critique :slight_smile:

He’s the first of 5 characters I’m planing to make.

The Executioner.

Sculpt (Blender)

1 layer sss (Blender Internal + little bit of gimp)

3 layer sss [trying to make my own version od misss, pure render no post)

Render with texture:
Blender Internal + post - Gimp

Blender Internal + post – Blender


Welcome to the forums! This is an amazing piece of work. Your model catches the essence of what executioner should be. I can’t wait to see your other models.

I’m not sure what did you ment:] Is it ok? Bad? Or mayby you’re just waiting for progress?


Thanx for welcome and comment:) I’d tried to make him look cheap but not to dirty :slight_smile: I’m very glad you like it :slight_smile: Next one is on his way (yep male – barbarian :slight_smile: )

Here’s the update:

Low poly model (~9,5k tris, 2k textures: diffuse, specular, normal, ao) Blender 2.49b


and body (1lvl of sculpt) with 3 layeres realtime sss shader (base on misss – gives errors in bge due inverted normals :frowning: ):

and the best part – I’m giving it away for free on creative commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported, license link: :smiley:

model: (7mb)

sss shader: (12mb)

holy cow!

that’s the most incredible realtime shader i’ve ever seen in blender O_O
thank you so much for releasing it under CC :smiley: i’m gonna have to study how you put it all together

great sculpt by the way! I’m lookin forward to what you do next :slight_smile:

Andy! Wow you are just plain phenomenal in all ways! An awesome character on first posts, and given away completely free!

I am going to take full advantage of your offer as a way to learn the higher aspects of Blender (as soon as I get home from the hospital and can use my full power machine, not this mini…)

Your choice of colors for the fellow’s garb are very intriguing… to break free from the stereo-typed black and still keep the darksome nature of the whole appearance… Everything about this guy is just stunning in appearance.

Thanks for your great sharing… and I look forward to seeing your other work, just to be able to get inspiration from your projects.

Thanks for getting involved with the forum, dude!

Andy, that’s an excellent model. Thank you.
Does he have bones? Sorry, I’m at work. Arik_the_Red emailed me and said I have to see this.
He was right!

Excellent work! Add some more moles and stuff to make him seem more human and less perfect…has he ever missed while ‘doing his duty’ and injured himself…you know something that would leave a scar?

Fantastic! How long have you been using blender?

Wow, thanks for the free mesh as well! Thats fantastic!

Sorry for replaying so late but i’ve been very busy, and I prefer to post when there is something to show – more cg less writing :stuck_out_tongue:


Thax but the shader isn’t that cool – it give errors :confused: need to work more on next version of it :slight_smile: But I think it can be helpful to those who try to mimic in blender misss :slight_smile:


:smiley: Thank you very much for so kind words, but imo there is a lot of place for improvements (especially sculpt). But no time, need to finish the rest of models… and Dominance War is coming soon…
Best of luck :slight_smile:


no, at least not all. I’ve only rigged the most problematic place – arm (there was some overlapping geometry). I wasn’t sure what kind of rig make for him – just bones for mocap or normal rig with controls for hand animation… so I left it as is:)
p.s dubble thanks for Arik :slight_smile:

Keith M

Thax – mole are lost due photoresizening :frowning: (the base was phototexture at 4k) but scars are a very good idea. I thought about it but in the end I’ve forgotten :frowning: Next char will be an ex slave, so he’ll have scars :slight_smile:


Thanx :slight_smile: It’s tough question – I don’t remember :stuck_out_tongue: First I seen blender when zbrush 1 came out, I thought then that both apps are useless (because I didn’t know them than). Cg is my hobby for about 8 yeares but this is my second character done in free/open source apss (wings3d+blender [sculpt]). The first one is this lizardman.


:slight_smile: I just hope I come useful for somebody (for an indie game or something)


This is my first only open source/free app model (about a year ago) – I had error due production (spike meshes - something with vertices numbers got wrong) so i’ve never finished it. Here’s Hi poly render (half of sculpt is lost :frowning: )

and free low poly 9,2k tris, 2k tex, (license: )

and you all know – if there are lizardman there is also a well-known barbarian nearby… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice character! Was it all done in blender?

You do really nice critters. I’m mostly a hard surface renderer.

Awesome renders/characters! How long do you spend on 1 character on average?

Good work Sir!

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