Sketchbook: Aole


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Latest work.

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Tried using ink pen.

Some colored pencil.

Another ink sketch and some cleanup in GIMP.

Pen sketch and cleanup.

Learning digital painting.

Very nice work Aole - especially your digital painting - the tones are nicely painted. The hair could do with a bit more texture maybe?

By the way which art package are you using and are you using a graphics tablet?

Thanks! I ran out of patience before doing any work on the hair and ear :D.

Just starting in digital painting so still trying to see which program I like using. I used manga studio for the above, but im liking the way krita works. I have a simple bamboo table.


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Nice work Aole. She looks well referenced. Maybe her hands could use a little more work - her right hand could do with having a shorter palm and longer fingers I reckon. Keep going though mate!

Thanks! I was actually blind to the issue. Now that you pointed it out, I see it clearly.
Yes, looked up lot of references and poses. Trying to learn the basic “hero” poses first before taking on advanced stuff.

Painting I did last few days…

Spider Gwen

Did some Thor Ragnarok thumbnail study.

Painting practice…

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Nice work I like the one with the lady wearing white and the one to the right of it.

Thanks you!

This first of my composition studies that I am doing for CGMA (Digital Painting) class.
Created using iPadpro and Procreate.

The scene is from the Movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I like the hela and hitchhikers guide to the galaxy pictures.i loved those

I know right … wish they had made the other 2 movies from Douglas Adams book series.