SKETCHBOOK - FortAsh ~ Learning Shapes ~ Begginer to MASTER

Here we go!
New drawings every day, I’m going to learn from various books and from my mind.
It will be basic, and I will suck, but hopefully I’ll get a lot better in time.

Practice makes PERFECT.

Day 1:

that’s the way, keep it man. It may seem boring to do studies from books and still lifes etc but trust me you need the fundamentals in place before you can do creative drawing.

I did n’t follow this principal for a long time and nearly stopped drawing out because it had come a frustrating struggle. When you don’t have fundamentals in place trying to pull ideas out of your head to than putting them on paper becomes a colossal undertaking. only this year after 6 months of daily posemanic gesture drawings have I started seeing improvement and things slowly turning from struggle to enjoyment.

You are off to a good start so don’t slack off and keep going. Just think of this as practicing your musical scales or free throws in basketball. You know the drill.

More more more!

p.s after finishing Loomis try and pack up Glen Villpu’s drawing manual do those and you will be cranking out killer figures in no time.

Start off by trying to draw a cube with perspective…

@tyrant monkey
Yes, I understand. I bought myself a bass guitar, but I dont play it anymore because I have started by learning songs, and now I have no theory and no more patience to learn it. =) So I’m learning the irish tin whistle, Bottom UP.

I’ll learn perspective later on. I’m looking forward to it tho :D.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Tried to use some colors. Note that it looks 2x better on paper, but as you can see I couldn’t get the right color. I only have the standard color pencil set with 12 colors:

Never was good with colors tho…

Hey, nice work. I am also in the “andrew loomis” program. Although I’m crap at drawing cartoon faces. Also, suggestion, practice on greyscale shading before you try adding color.

Thanks for the tip. I like to believe that I can shade very well with grayscale, and because I plan to draw with the pencil most of the time, I will surely invest time and effort into perfecting my tehnique.

Day 4:

Day 5:

I think a good next step would be to add some bodies to these heads :wink: Also a good practice, especially if you are leaning towards 3D stuff, would be to make a front and side view along with a 3/4 view, to really think about the forms more- use parallel, horizontal lines at the important landmarks.

Thanks for dropping in. Remember I’m drawing from a book and currently I need to draw heads. But I do agree with you, and I hope to start drawing figures pretty soon.

Day 6:

A bunch of exercises for Day 7:


Day 8:

Hey, visible improvement. You seem to be much more confident about you lines. they all seem crisp and even.

Thanks for the reply, I aswell feel that I am improving. I have also noticed tho, that It depends whether I feel like/not like drawing. But there’s no way to tell for sure, I’ll just have to stick with it till day 500 and then deicide ;).

Day 9:

Keep up the good work!!

Thank you, I will try hard not to miss a lot of days, but the summer vacation is comming up and I probably won’t be able to draw for certian times.

Day 10:

Thanks for your post. As I said in my earlier post I am satisfied with my shading and I need to work on my shapes. And that’s what I am going to do. After I finish this book I plan to do many others… Might take a couple of years tho.

So today was faces from sqare shapes… Didn’t work out so well.
Day 11:

haha theyre pretty good actually, keep going, and funnily enough I know a couple songs on bass…but i mostly play lead guitar

This art work is really very attractive…