I have a theme for you but it will take you more than a week to do if you do it right but I think it will teach you more than anything else out there especially because you say you are a beginner

So my theme for you …Fun with a Pencil draw out all the drawings and do all the exercises in that book. This should take you about 4 to 6 months if you do it right. But if you really want to learn to draw and not muck about, it will do it especially if you show real dedication draw than repeat, repeat and repeat until you get it 100% right.

There is no point in trying to do things from imagination right now asyou are not good enough yet. You need to focus on nothing but the fundamental so its copying refs, drawing exercise from good drawing books, still lifes and other bits of observational drawing.

Fort Ash … Tyrant it is a little rigid but corect in some aspects. Loomis itself say in his books this “experiment yourself , play with forms , make it yourself, make the tech behinde yours,does not matter what you draw …some best artist drawn all life an apple and they become the best at it” something like that.

I stress literaly to learn “Fun with a pencil” and “Perspective made easy” by Norlings , but not to stress yourself on it , just when you feel experiment from both books. You must not feel when you draw like you are doing a job but relaxing , happy doing it.

Why ? Cause best artist enjoy drawing rather copy-cat other artist or make “perfect drawings”. I never seen a human that buy`s a car for the “perfect lines” but for the overal beauty.

Skip the perfection , skip the little details, learn the forms first, then with forms learn perspective. When we get older we lose of sense of details then “perfectionism thinking” will kill the soul of artist cause the pihisical eye is going down and can`t see the same detail at age 50 like age 20.

So the main ideea , learn in small portions but good rather than going rampage and have no concept , ideea behind, capacity to imagine high stuff.

Skill develop in time , if you “skill to much” and ignore your imagination and creative part then you end without it , being undeveloped.

So the main thing is , read the books , experiement , don`t force yourself , develop in your way and make you happy.

Remember that skill never die once you learn it , but imagination can die if you don`t preserve it.


Thanks for both your replies.
I have taken your advice to my heart. This thread will wait for some time, while I learn to draw from books.
Because,… I can shade perfectly, the shapes are the ones that give me problems. I’ll start at the absolute begining and work my way up from there.

Fort Ash