sketchbook-learning Manga and Lianhuanhua

pencil,inked pencil or direct ink on A4-80g paper.
Plume Conté “atome” (G-pen like) and brush.

These are nice post more :]

Moar! Please!

the last attachment, full of awesome goodness

ink on paper.


Oil painting on paper - lianhuanhua style (chinese comics).
Look better unfinished, cause i use to screw up oil paintings.
Last : european/japanese style.

France is where it’s at man, so much visual goodness coming out of there. These are great, don’t get too caught up in manga, you have a good style happening here.

Yeah, sorry but you seem to be failing at manga. Keep failing. Your style is so much more interesting and visually appealing that I can’t think of any way to improve it. What kind of brushes and pens do you use?

My brushes, 2 of them have been “customized”.

Ah. Trimmed?

Great stuff - very expressive and well drawn

crazychristina::wink: ink on paper.
mixing my Manga/Lianhuanhua/European styles.





more sketches.


more sketches



more sketches.


I don’t like the face, especially in front view.
Tim Von Rueden -conceptcookie tutorial.
It is not really a concept, it is just for practice.

Really great job :smiley: But, I’ll have to agree with the face not looking right. I think the problem is the nose at the front view. There’s nothing wrong with the side view.:slight_smile:

Fergoblender: thank you, i’ll try to fix that.

horrifying images: futuristics child soldiers.


old drawing.
classic evil/bad guy. the banner is fixed on his shoulder , it is also an antenna.

motorbike, forgot to draw some footrest.
Maybe the pilot is wearing boots that are armoured or have tiny wheels ?!