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Feel free to lock/delete this thread. Sorry I just can’t keep up posting life is to busy.

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Well, here is my first try in 3D! I made this on October 25th 2018!

Tutorial was this one >> Bender for beginners: Create Realistic Barrels
It helped a ton, I feel like I understand so many things that I had no clue about before, and it made the parts that always seemed rather daunting seem simple. Really good tutorial!

So I messed up a little, some of my shapes are crooked, but I understand now how to make sure I don’t do that again. I painted my own texture instead of doing photo textures like he did, because that’s what I want to do in the end, so I may as well start practicing! I just did a really simple texture for my first attempt, but the next barrel I did I wanted to try something a bit more detailed.

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So here is my second attempt! I believe I finished this the same day as my other barrel October 25th 2018.

Made my new barrels, didn’t get the edges all wonky this time, and made a much neater UV Map! I made it in colours to match my character Hail and put a little disk edged in gold of her just for fun, and to try something a bit outside of the tutorial. I’m really quite happy with it, even if I know I still have a long road ahead of me!

I made a cartoony tree next, without a tutorial, just to test myself and see what I have learned. So I’ll post that next time! Omg I love 3D! :hugs::two_hearts:

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I’m quite interested to see how your work develops using these hand drawn textures. It’s a nice style.

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Thank you, that really means a ton to me! I’ll keep working hard to improve and learn as much as I can! :blush:


Oh, hey their Nineprisms! Good to see you here on the forum. I look forward to seeing more of your art and seeing how you improve. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I’m happy to be here, I’m starting to look though other peoples sketchbooks, and other areas of the forum, and it’s very inspiring! Not to mention I think I can learn a lot from all the helpful posts!
Thanks, I’ll try my best! I’m looking forward to learning more! :hugs:

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Finished this on October 26th 2018!

Well, this is my little cartoony tree! I wanted to do this without a tutorial, to see what I learned from the barrel one, and to just take time to mess around with the program. I’m happy with the end result, even if I can see how I could improve it now, it helped me to learn and it was nice to see how much I retained from the Barrel tutorial. I sort of slacked on the trees textures becuse I could already see what I could do better next time by that point… but I’m happy with my little stump! Found out how to do grass, but I need to find a tutorial to see how to make it a little better. Lighting is also a thing I badly need a tutorial for, because I don’t get how it works at all!

My next step was to find another tutorial I wanted to follow, but first I tried making a little 3D cartoon bat for the fun of it, and because it was Halloween very soon. I’ll post that tomorrow! :blush:

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Finished these on the 27th of October, 2018!

I wanted to do something small for Halloween, so I ended up doing this silly little bat. xD I didn’t do any textures because I wanted him to look like a plastic toy, somehow the flat colour seemed best, and honestly I didn’t feel I knew enough to figure out how to make a good UV map for him! :joy:

So anyway! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Even if I’m late on here! :bat:

WIP ! :hugs:

I started following a tutorial for making a little room! Well… sort of! I semi followed it, semi made my own items so that I can make something unique. Making my own lamp design and I was happy with how my bookshelf worked out! I’m ended up making a laptop instead of the separate computer and monitors they made. It’s fun picking up tips from tutorials, but adding your own twists! :blush:

Finally here is the finished product, that I finished on October 28th 2018!

Finished my little room! This took me a long time, but it was endless amounts of fun!

I used the tutorial: Isometric Room (Low Poly)
Obviously I used it as a base to learn from, made everything myself, including the walls (didn’t use his download) and went a bit over board, making file folders, a tiny pencil you can barely see, and a little doll of Hail!

I’m happy I tried making a tiny doll of my character Hail. I know it’s silly and not well done, but I makes me happy, because it’s my first tiny step toward making characters in 3D! One small step at a time! :hugs:

Thanks for looking guys! :two_hearts: I’m almost caught up to present day, just 4 more days, so I’ll likely post another update tonight, and then I’ll have one more post of older stuff tomorrow. After that I’ll just start updating as I’m working on stuff!

I hope it’s ok that I have been posting all of this, just with me only starting 3D recently, I really wanted to have everything I made in one place, to really see my progress over time. :blush:

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Keep on posting and I will keep on looking at your 3d art. I am learning blender as well.

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I think that’s exactly what the sketchbooks category is for :smile:

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I like the render. The interior looks realistic like a typical boys room.

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@yakuzakazuya Thank you, I shall do so! I really like the idea of recording my learning. Good luck in your learning as well! I’m sure we can both get to where we want to be with hard work and time! :grin:

@LeighAH Ahh, I’m glad, I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming. xD It is nice to have a place to record my progress, and It’s really cool being able to see others sketchbooks too!:blush:

@greisla Thank you very much! I’m happy you think so! It’s a bit like my room too, I’m not the best at putting things back where they belong! :joy:

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So next I’m going to share some stuff I did on the last days of october!

First the 29th of october!

MapleStory Mushroom! I found a tutorial to make a MapleStory Mushroom, since it’s one of the games i play I just had to do it! Tutorial is here: Blender Tutorial

I found their part about modeling the mouth way to confusing… so I made it may own way, by copying the eyes like they did and then just deleting the faces of the cylinder face to get two curves and brought them closer together. I also added little leaves to the side because the one on the games loading screen has that, and it’s so cute! :hugs::leaves:

I did the textures my self, but I only half figured out how to do it. I badly need a tutorial on how to do proper UV Mapping. I’m making it work to my liking, but I know I’m not doing it right on more complicated objects.

Then on October 30th I made a sheep!

Needed a break from figuring out UV mapping, so I made a sheep!
Finally on October 31st 2018.

WIP! Both things I was working on where longer projects so nothing done that today.

But I started a little Potion workshop! Figured out how to make little glass bottles, I’m planning on making more shapes, and I want to add some plants and lot’s of other things! I added some of my work that I already posted for fun. My little Flat bat, sheep, and my very very first try at 3D, the barrels! Then I’m going to try painting textures for the floor, shelves, door, and likely a few other things. This one will be more detailed then my last room, I’m determined!:hugs:

So happy I found 3D I never really liked drawing, I like doing simple things, but full images always killed my spirits. I’m happy I can do 3D, because I feel alive every moment I’m doing it, it’s so exciting! I love shaping the model, I adore painting the textures and seeing them come to life as I merge the two. I’m so looking forward to learning more, so I can not only do better models, but learn to animate and maybe even make simple games!

Tomorrow morning I’ll post my last project that took the most time (finished today!) and all it’s WIP stages. Then I’ll be all caught up and only posting new thing! Thanks for looking, means a lot to me! :two_hearts:

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You should try dyntopo sculpting too. The feeling you get when the mesh deforms as you want them to…nothing quite like it. Now my art is always a mix of Blender sculpts and photoshop paint overs hehe.

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Looked it up, defiantly want to try it, as I would like to try anything at least once! I don’t quite understand the difference with this dyntopo sculpting yet, but think it’s amazing what people can do with sculpting of any kind! I’ve also seem paintovers that look amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever get into it though, as I started 3D to get away from the 2D painting. Only 2D painting I want to do is stuff I use directly in my models!

I’m not sure sculpting sounds like it will be my main interest in the end, as I’m mostly interested in animation and game making with my models, and want to go for a more cartoony look. I hear sculpting can create messy meshes. I need good clean topology for doing things like UV Mapping, rigging, armatures, animation, tweaking or texture right? I’ve only been at this for a week though, so I’m just going by what others seem to say. I’ve seen people still use simple sculpting for things like clothing folds and such though, so I still really want to learn it. Plus it would be fun to just do a full sculpt now and then, that isn’t meant for animation/games! :hugs::two_hearts:

I’ll have to look up a tutorial, because I can’t seem to figure out how that area of the program works. xD

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So, for my last post to catch up to present day, I’m going to post the WIP and final images of the project that took most of my time over the last 5 days. :blush:

I started it on October 29th!

I finally dived into character molding! I learned a lot in the 5 days I had been learning 3D, and I had to start sometime, so here it is!

Following this tutorial for tips on how to do it: Creating a low poly Ninja game character

I was actually really happy with how it was going? I think I messed it up in a few places, and it’s defiantly not able to be animated I think… but I’m just trying to learn the modeling for now, I’ll figure out how to make characters for animating later. I still needed to shape her face, and then figure out how to texture a shape this detailed. After that I would tackle the hair and clothing.

Next on the 30th October 2018!

More work on my chibi! :hugs: Figured out how to UV Map a character that night, it’s actually not as hard as I thought, it’s just really hard to grasp the concept in the first place. I still need to learn more, but I at least understand how it works and could use what I learned here. So that’s a good first step. I’m not done her base textures, just sort of marked where things go, though I think her eyes and mouth are finished.

Once I’m done painting the base textures I need to learn how to model and texture hair! After that it’s time to tackle clothing. Still so much to do, but It’s so much fun!

On the 31st I spent less time on her because I working on that little potions workshop.

I started Hails hair (just a base shape) and finished the body texture, I just needed to paint the hands and feet and the body base is done. Going to look up some hair tutorials tomorrow! :grin: (Then she needs some clothing!)

Finally on the November 1st 2018 I finished her hair!

More work on my little Hail chibi! I finished the hair, still so much to improve on, but I’m pretty happy with it. Still haven’t found a UV tutorial that really helps everything to click, but I’ll keep learning as I go, even if it’s just by trial and error!

Next she needs some clothing! XD I gave her some underwear just because I could not handle her looking naked. However she obviously needs some more covering clothing. I was unsure whether I would try to do her default outfit, or if I would just do a simple t-shirt and pants. But either way, clothing was next!

This has gotten long enough, so I think I’ll actually post the end result in a new post! Almost caught up to present day!:blush:

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Yesterday on November 2nd, this was 5 days of work, but I’m so happy to have made my first 3D character model! :two_hearts:

I even managed to make her default outfit! I still have so much to learn, and I’m sure I did some things wrong, but I am so happy just to see one of my characters in 3D!

Also added her to my little room just for fun! xD

Ahhh, I can’t get over how much I love 3D! Next I’m going to continue working on my little potions workshop! I’m all caught up to present day now, so I’ll just post once a day from now on, to keep showing my progress! Thanks for looking guys! :two_hearts:

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Nicely done! Are you working on an indie game?

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Thank you so much! :two_hearts:
No, right now I’m just learning, I only just started to learn 3D 9 days ago, so I have a lot to learn before I could think about that sort of thing. Though I defiantly hope to be able to make simple games in time, that’s my long term goal. I’m happy just learning modeling objects and characters for now, though I want to start learning simple animation soon😊

Thank goodness for blender (and it being free) and all the amazing people willing to make free tutorials! I wouldn’t have even known where to start if it where not for them! :hugs: