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Didn’t feel very good today, so I just did a few simple tutorials, because I couldn’t stand doing nothing, I enjoy it to much! I sort of only half followed the tutorials, I’m really bad at doing things exactly the way they tell me too. :sweat_smile:

For the Shuriken I followed this tutorial: Modeling Tutorial: Shuriken
I ended up finding a different way to cut out the circles using knife projection, because I don’t really want to download addons unless I need too, so that took me off the tutorial and I ended up finishing it myself. I would have liked to make it less blocky looking, but I’m happy with it anyway!

The sword I found on another site posted under tutorial, but here is their youtube post: Low ploy sword
I didn’t make mine as low poly and I used smooth shading. I also only roughly followed their shape, but I did follow along all the way this time.

I hope I have the energy to do more of my own stuff tomorrow, or more detailed/longer tutorials, but I’m happy I did these, as I learn a few new things I had not known how to do before! :hugs:

(--) #22

Working on my little witches workshop today, made a little lamp and some more bottles that are on the shelves, added some books, but mainly worked on the textures. The floor and outside walls are the same texture, just different colours, then I made a simple wood texture for all the edges and shelves, and did the wallpaper, door and rug!

I must say it’s turning out better then I expected, I’m pleasantly surprised, as I was unsure if I could do all the textures I wanted in this well. I still have plenty of room to improve, but I’m happy!

I still want to make a lot of stuff for the shelves, mainly plants. Then I want to make a sign for the outside that you can’t see here. I’m wondering about adding more detail to the outside, like adding a roof to one side, putting down grass and maybe a tree… so it actually looks like a little shop frount from the other side.

I’ll have to see what I feel like later! Anyway, that’s what I did today! :blush:

(--) #23

Well, heres what I managed to work on today! Took a bit of a break from my potion workshop to start a new character base! I think it’s working out a bit better then my last one did, and I’m going to try and learn how to rig my character and learn how to pose them. So this character will likely take me a lot longer, not just because I’ll be trying to do a better job with textures, hair, and clothing, but I might have to stuggle a while to grasp the concepts of how to set up rigging and manipulate it, as I literally have no idea how it even works right now! xD

I did add a few more things to my room, started working on the plants, but that’s all for today.

Wonder which I’ll work on tomorrow? I might even try a new tutorial and take a break from working on my original stuff… guess I’ll see how I feel!

(yakuzakazuya) #24

Your enthusiasm is contagious. It makes me want to improve each day also. Please keep it up!

(--) #25

Thank you so much, that is very motivating, and I love 3D sooo much, so I’ll defiantly keep going! Lets both keep working hard! :hugs::heartpulse:

(--) #26

Well I sort of figured out rigging, still a lot to learn. I’ll need to restart the rigging as I messed up a bit, but I need to find a more detailed tutorial, or just take the time to play with it a while. However, I managed to do a simple pose! :hugs: I have this tutorial to thank: Basics of character rigging. I’m pretty happy to find it less confusing then I thought I would! Can’t wait to learn more and then get into animation! It will take some time, but it’s so exciting! :two_hearts:


wow, your’re really good at texture painting, your 2d background really shines through =)

(--) #28

Wow, thank you so much! :two_hearts: Your words make me very happy! I’ll keep working hard!:hugs:


Nice work. You’ve really learned the ropes of 3d fast. :+1:

(--) #30

Thank you! I’m sort of obsessed, and there are so many good tutorials, the ones I have done (and linked throughout this thread) are the reason I can do what I can now though! I also love it so much, so when things don’t work, I have fun playing with it until I find the way to make it work!

I’m really happy to hear that though, because not knowing much about 3D art I didn’t really know how I was doing, so I’m happy to hear I’m on the right track! So thanks! :two_hearts::hugs:


Well, when I first started 3d, I was kinda like you. I watched tons of tutorials and worked non stop obsessively. This helped me learn 3d very quickly. Though, I’ll be honest, I went out of my league into creating realistic/detailed characters instead of taking baby steps. Though, because of working in 2d for many years prior, my first character models wern’t bad. At least for a beginner.

As I went on of course, my work became less about realism and more about just making good art. I started creating more cartoon styled characters and finding unique ways to work with 3d.

Anyway, your doing good! Keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s really cool! I don’t think I’ll ever do realistic characters, because I went though that with 2D and didn’t enjoy working to that extreme level of realism or perfection. I admire that kind of art greatly, but it’s just not as much fun for me. I want to have fun first and foremost. Some day I can see trying a semi realistic character, but it will never be my main goal, I prefer anime/cartoon styles the most! Amazing that you started there, I don’t think I could have done that right away!

I agree, I think having that background in 2D art helps a ton! I already understand a lot about perspective and how things look in 3D. Plus I can paint my own textures so that allows me to personalize it more.

Thanks, I’ll keep working hard! You too!:hugs:


Hey, I may have said I started with realistic characters, but that doesn’t mean they looked good! :joy:

And I agree, I prefer stylized/anime/cartoon characters and art myself. Even though I said my first characters were meant to be realistic, they still were still stylized, I had something in mind to that of Final Fantasy’s style.

And 3d art helped me get better at 2d art as well! I had a better understanding of shape and perspective, that brought my 2d work to a greater level.

Anyway, keep it up! :+1:

(--) #34

It would be hard to start with something so detailed! But the fact that you jumped in to something that hard is still impressive! :blush:
Ahh, the final fantasy 3D art is pretty impressive!

Yeah, it really helps! Sometimes wish I had found 3D sooner, but maybe it would not have been so fun if I had not built up my understanding of things in 2D art first! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Lets both work hard!:hugs:

(particl3s) #35

HIya, thanks for the visit. I like your mushroom/leaf creature. There’s lots of nice colour in these & that meshes well.

I think you’d get a kick out of Sketchfab

Best wishes

(--) #36

Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed the maplestory mushroom, and the colour! I love using lots of colour! :slight_smile:
Yeah I love sketchfap actually, already there:
It’s a wonderful site isn’t it?! :hugs:

Lets both keep working hard! :+1:

(--) #37

Well, I didn’t do much today until this evening, because the free time I did have I started to look into what I would need to learn for making games, and did some simple tutorials on animation, that really don’t have much to show, but I learned a lot! :hugs:

This evening I decided to do a simple project using transparency, something I just figured out how to do this morning! I was so happy to finally get it that I sort of over used it to make a bird with feathers! xD

Tomorrow I hope to get more work done on my little potions workshop! :grin:

(--) #38

I love how much there is to learn, it’s so super exciting! The only down side I see is that I keep going off on tangents and my potions workshop is left to wait until another day! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Today I actually didn’t do any modeling, I might do a bit tonight if I get time, but if I do I’ll post that tomorrow. Anyway, today I decided to learn more about making games! Spent most of the time looking at these to videos: 1 + 2

Just used very basic graphics, because I had no idea what I was doing, didn’t seem worth the time to make everything look pretty when it might not even work. But as it happens, it all worked just fine! The character can move all four ways, the camera follows the character, I can look around/turn, collect little objects that add to my score, and my favorite, JUMP! :grin: (I love jumping in games) I haven’t done it yet because I haven’t learned to make my own animations, but I also know how to add character animations, like falling, idle, jumping, etc. So once I learn how to rig my character better and animate them, I can add that too!

This makes me so happy, because my first long term goal is to make a object gathering game! I’ve had the idea since I started 3D, but I never thought it would be so simple to make a base game. Blender is amazing, and people that do free tutorials are wonderful people! :two_hearts:

(--) #39

Well, I finally finished my Potions Workshop! I really enjoyed it and wanted to do more with the outside, but I think it’s time to put it down and move to the next projects. I learned what I could from this and I want to do things that help me to grow.

I think the next thing I want to do is re-rig my character that I posted 3 days ago, learn to pose her, and obviously want to make body textures, her hair and clothing. I think I’ll use her rigging to just pose her though… as I don’t feel ready to try and animate a body so detailed. I’m going to make a really simple chibi with less shape, then try animating that! :grin:


wow, the workshop is beatiful