(--) #41

Thank you so much! It was fun to make!:heartpulse:
Think I want to do an outside scene next time I’m working on something that isn’t a character, would be fun to do the outside of a little house and trees and such! :hugs::two_hearts:

(--) #42

(I hope it’s ok to use my sketchbook as a bit of a journal too, noting my journey as well as what I make?)

Well, I knew it would happen, and here is the day! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I finally hit a day with zero to show. I did work in blender, but I ran into so many snags and things that I don’t understand, that I really got nothing done. I learned a few things, but mostly stumbled around in the dark, desperately searched for solutions online, and found nothing that helps with any of the things I’ve been struggling with. :sweat_smile:

I tried working in Blender render today, and while I find cycles quite easy for the most part, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in blender render. So, I’m just going to keep trying, and if I’m still struggling tomorrow after I come back to it with fresh eyes, I might bring one of my problems to the forums and ask. Didn’t want to do what I did with transparency and ask then find the answer right after, but I also don’t want to waste days on things I can likely find help for. :blush:

I did fix my main issue though!
Look at the lovely invisible texture! (obviously haven’t painted the texture, I was just testing) I tried all the solutions I could find, W, Ctrl alt H, made sure duplication is set to none, flipping the normals, UVmap is set with the image, and it’s in the texture section, shows everywhere aside from render. Then I gave up, deleted the material, made it again, and boom! It works…? I have no idea why, I must have changed something without knowing it, because I certainly didn’t mean to mess up the material. So happy to have at least fixed one of my issues!

It’s strange to be so happy to see a flesh coloured human shape… :sweat_smile:

I’ve been awfully busy today and super tired, so maybe the other issues I’m having are simply that my brain isn’t working! Here is hoping for a more productive day tomorrow! :hugs:

(--) #43

Well, things are going better today, figured out a lot of my issues! Though after the day with nothing going right I wanted to do something a bit less complicated and went to tutorials! I have been wanting to do the donut one from blender guru for a while, but the first videos are a bit too beginner/slow for me so I kept putting it off. I’m not good at following along with slow tutorials, even if they are good, and I do think this was!

I learned a few new things, especially about partials, and I’m happy with the end results! I went off of the tutorial a few time, main one being making my mug without the photo ref, as I wanted to make it look like my own mug, and added a texture to it! I also made my table glossy and flat, like those varnished tables that look all classy and I think they are not real wood, just look like it. xD Somehow I preferred the look with my mug and the colours. (oh and the wood is hand painted by me, so is the mug pattern)

This coming week I think I’ll take a break from my own projects and just do tutorials. Their is still so much I don’t know or understand! So I really want to dive in further! :hugs::two_hearts:

(--) #44

So today has been another busy day, and to much going on to concentrate on a tutorial, but I had a bit of time to model so I quickly tried to do a less chibi anime face! I’m actually decently happy with the shape. So I’ll have to try again when I have more time.

Sort of boring compared to a lot of my updates, but honestly I’m not always going to have something interesting everyday especially as I try more that is new and harder for me. Though I want to keep up posting daily, I find it’s good to go over what I managed to do that day.:blush:

(--) #45

Messed around with the anime face I did yesterday. Tried making hair with a transparent image texture, made eyes, messed with trying the 3D paint thing to add colour to the face. Really just used this as a way to try a few things, now it’s dropped in my done folder, because learned what I could from it. Next I’m going to do a tutorial, making a house exterior! :hugs:

(--) #46

Soo, I was trying to convince myself it made sense, but I’m going to have to admit that I can’t to daily updates anymore. I liked doing them, so I wanted to keep it up, but I’m starting to get into things that are taking a lot longer, and I’m not going to have much to show right away. Figure that might get boring. So Starting now I’m going to just post when I have something solid to show! I’ll still show WIPs and such, just not every single step of the way.:blush:

I’m so gung ho about 3D I sort of forget the reality of life too. Really have so little time today to do anything that it made me realize I can’t commit to daily updates for that reason too. Sometimes I’m just simply silly in the head. :sweat_smile: I can’t wait to have more time to 3D again! :hugs::two_hearts:


No worries! 3d art is a lot of work and a lot to learn. Projects can be slow builds that take a lot of time. But hey, you’ve learned a lot in your first few weeks. :+1:

And hey listen, if you ever need help with something, you can send me a PM. I’m not always around (like, I’m out of town this week) but I’m happy to help with anything if you need it. :slightly_smiling_face:

(--) #48

Yeah, it’s slowing down a lot now that I’m getting into harder/more detailed stuff. I expected to hit this point really, just didn’t realize how hard it would be to keep up an interesting daily journal. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thank you! I’ll keep trying my best! Even now it’s being more of a struggle to get things the way I want, I can’t believe how much fun 3D art is! Actually might be more fun if that is possible? I adore how much their is to learn! :grin:

Aww, thank you! I’ll defiantly ask if I get stuck! :hugs:

EDIT: I’m likely going to drop keeping up this sketchbook. I’m sorry about it, but even now I’m creating more it’s seeming to much work to kkep up this as well as my other media sites. I really enjoyed the short tme I was here though, maybe if real life slows down again in the future I’ll be back, but for now I’m out! Hope your all do well! :hugs::two_hearts: