Sketched Edge Shader in Blender?

Hello Community,

I’m searching for a possibility to render a scene which should look like a drawing. The edges and the shadows should look like they we’re sketched out. Thick lines for the edges and thin lines for the shadows. Does someone know how to do that or can someone give me an advice? I know I need to use composite nodes for that. A little kick in the right direction would be veeeery appreciated :smiley:

Thanks in advance,

Sargo Darya

There is a thread on this forum [HERE] which is a discussion of the Freestyle build of Blender, which is in the late stages of being brought into the main trunk of Blender development. In order to use it you will need to get a specific build on (scroll down on the left side to find a recent build for you platform) until it is made “officially part of Blender” perhaps in 2.5. Follow the thread for indications about how to achieve the look you want. Post an example for others to assist you