Sketches by Klorine

Been working on some sketches latley thought id throw them out there



Your use of colours and moody expressions readily suggest your thought process when you drew them. You have an amazing grasp of contours as to cloth, and your shading technique is really neat. Look forward to more of your works.


Better! I’d say the second one is the best, as it is more unique than the others and is more proportionally correct. One thing I noticed in the second one was that his neck is too thick and slightly too long. Most of the folds on his pants are sensible, but there are the issues of sharp contours of which the folds have not have a smooth transition as they consist more of a v than a u. Also his right knee looks misplaced because of a few nonsensical folds, and as clothes rarely have severe indents inwards. Keep on Drawing!

I like your use of colors to depict moods… you need to work a lot on anatomy… (the flaws have already been mentioned by shadowfantasy1 and i agree with him)