Sketchfab is joining the Epic Games Family

I have some exciting news to share! Sketchfab just joined the Epic Games family. I work for Sketchfab, and this will be an entirely new experience :slight_smile:

We will remain an independently branded service with the same mission and vision, while working closely with Epic Games. We started collaborating with Epic earlier this year through an Epic MegaGrant, and are excited to accelerate those efforts. We are also already integrated with various Epic Games products like RealityCapture and ArtStation. We will maintain and expand our integration efforts with all creation tools and 3D/VR/AR platforms, so you can easily upload to and import from Sketchfab everywhere.

Lower fees for our Sellers

As part of our shared goal to make Sketchfab’s offerings more profitable to creators, we are reducing Sketchfab’s store fees to 12%, effective immediately.

Sketchfab Plus is now free

We are also making all the Plus plan features free, which means more uploads and larger file size at no cost. Current Plus customers will be automatically upgraded to our Pro plan at no additional cost, with the option to downgrade to free if they wish to do so. We will also be retiring the Business plan, and migrate current Business plan customers to our enterprise level features, at no additional cost. You can read more about those changes in our dedicated FAQ.


Quixel ? check
Artstation ? check
Fall guys ? check
Sketchfab ? check

What’s next ? :slight_smile:

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And to think this is all because of a game called Fortnite.


Epic, man!


I keep thinking of them as ‘those guys that made UT and no kids in my class heard of it’ =D Boy, did they grow


Wow, Epic is on a roll.

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I’m trying to get a handle on what Epic is trying to do with all these acquisitions. They seem to be pretty specifically targeted. Quixel made sense for the Megascan library, but not sure where they are going with the other ones. I’m sure we’ll find out when UE5 gets fully released.

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Is the future, the creative software world will be owned by either Adobe or Epic (with the exception of Blender…maybe)!


Diversfying their portfolio into areas that are related to what they do.

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The goal is the Metaverse. Epic sees it and Sketchfab mentioned it in their release too. Interconnected worlds and experiences rather than separate and isolated islands of games and worlds.


It’s covered in Tim Sweeny’s multiverse goals. Epic has raised $1billion to invest in building a kind of ecosystem which benefits both content creators/developers and consumers/players.

When talking about the investments, he said:
Quote: “Their investment will help accelerate our work around building connected social experiences in fortnite, rocket league and fall guys, while empowering game developers and creators with unreal engine, epic online services and the epic games store.”

Sketch Fab’s acquisition makes sense. It’s quite exciting in fact.


Sketchfab account deleted. After reading the new ToS I found it shady, dangerous, really unacceptable. Add that, if you want to click “Delete My Account” in the Account settings, you should click the ToS panel “Accept” button before.
Luckily enough, a simple webpage inspector like the one available in Chromium is enough to delete the ToS panel without clicking it, and being able to delete the account.

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We’re aware of the accept popup problem and will have a solution soon. Also, a ‘human readable’ version of the legal stuff is on the way, explaining what these terms mean and why we need them.

I did read it, finding most of the new ToS readable. Not acceptable tho:
to keep having an account in I should accept that everything I upload isn’t mine anymore, becoming property of or Epic Games for free and forever.
The shady part is that I should agree to don’t join any possible class-action against the service providers. Sorry, but it’s a no!

That’s not what the terms say; we need to have permission to process and distribute the work, also for generating images in galleries, sharing it on social media etc.

You will also see in 3.1: “Except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement, we do not claim ownership over any User Content.”, and in 4: " 4. User Content - During the operation of the Services, Users may upload certain User Content including, without limitation, 3D models. You remain the owner of your User Content at all times, and Sketchfab does not claim any ownership rights in your User Content."

Trust me, nobody is out to grab the copyright of your work, but in order to run a web service you need to have a license (not ownership) to process and distribute the work.

Again, we’re working on a human readable/non-legal mumbo-jumbo version that will explain what each section means and why we need it.


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Epic keeps expanding and adding new services to the free-wheeling gravy train they have going for game developers and artists, all thanks to that Fortnite money.

However, that game now has indications of being past its peak, so I don’t believe it will indefinitely net the revenue needed to allow Epic to keep their culture of free going the way it is. Something will have to give to secure new revenue streams if they do not manage to strike lightning in a bottle again with their next game (because they are a for-profit business and not a charity, so they have to make a profit).

I this Epic is looking first and foremost to maintain its market domination with developers and an emerging film industry. Their approach at making Unreal and its growing pool of ancillary resource free or almost free is their way to ensure that they continue to be the primary resource in the industry.

Sure Fortnite was a cash cow for them, but remember that they make a huge amount of money from revenue sharing for every AAA title that has used the Unreal engine. That is a massive source of passive cash stream which likely eclipses Fortnite.

One of the reasons why Nintendo has been so successful as they have is by imposing that all developers purchase the media to distribute their games on from them. So for instance even though in the past a certain Super NES game might have sold very poorly and ultimately resulted in that developer declaring bankruptcy, Nintendo got paid as if each and every single cartridge had sold. Epic’s model is a bit different than that of course, but fundamentally they’re in it to ensure that as many games as possible use the Unreal engine.

If you don’t make a dime, what would be the reason to be the primary resource in the whatever industry? I didn’t know Epic is the charity organization.

Did you actually read what I wrote, or are you just responding for the hell of it?