Sketchfast World Cup trophy

Hi! I’m going to enter in the 9th sketchfast contest with a “classicl” cup design for the soccer world cup.

My idea was to create something that I would be proud to keep in my hand, so nothing to exaggerate or sci-fi looking.
At the moment there is no elements that could make you think that is a soccer cup, and that’s a big problem, but I like the carved spirals along the basic surface.
I’m pretty shure that there should be a similar design in some other cups all over the sport’s world. It remind me of something but I cannot recall. I thought it was similar to the Europa League Cup, but it is not…maybe the aspect of the cup in the CG intro is more similar to this one…I’ll think about.

The current design of the world cup is awsome in my opinion. That massive looking fit perfectly with the idea of winning against all the teams of the world. With this little exercise I was not intend to try to propose a alternative version of the cup, it’s just perfect as it is.

Here’s a little update. I’ve changed the materials, added depth of field and baked for the first time the textures in cycles to export them in sketchfab.