SketchIdea addon for blender2.8

(Kouza Nagi) #21

now he use CTRL + SHIFT + A and CTRL + SHIFT + F it’s interfere again…

(haikalle) #22

I take feedback what should be a good shortcut for this addon :slight_smile:

(z01ks) #23

I really like the initiative of this add-on. I have been thinking and making suggestions about grease pencil visibility based on the camera angle in different forums. However, there wasn’t much feedback. In general I feel like Grease Pencil has the potential of being a really unique and revolutionary tool for drawing in 3d. One of the biggest bottlenecks is the fact that everything is always fully transparent, so at some point the drawing becomes very busy. So I have been thinking about how blender could guess which strokes are on the backside of a form and should be partially or fully occluded.

@haikalle As I understand this add-on is based on recognizing in which view the strokes were placed? So front view strokes will disappear in side view etc? Do you know if Grease Pencil Strokes have normals that could be used to occlude them at different angles? Is it possible to change those normals? Do you see a way of occluding grease pencil strokes which has its normals pointing away from the camera, using the GP normals? I know there should be a command do point the normals of mesh objects, but it might not yet be working in 2.8.

(haikalle) #24

Thanks for the feedback @z01ks. I’m quite new with GPencil so I really don’t know what is possible and what’s not. I tried to check if it support normal info but didn’t find any.

With this addon I try to keep all strokes front of the object so I really don’t know how to handle those situations you are talking about. I think that there is not water proove solution for that what I know.

I did this test with GPencil but I might end up using this one:

This might give me more freedom with this addon but don’t know if it is helpful in your situations.

(haikalle) #25

One more update. This version fixes if you go to left,right,top,front view and create strokes, they no longer dissapper when rotating the view.

If you like the addons and want to support me, you can donate on Paypal

(haikalle) #26

This addons it’s free to use and will remain like that. If this addon helps you current workflow please support me with this Paypal and let’s make this addon even better. Some ideas I have for future features:

  • Symmetry
  • Sketiching per object.
(swathi) #27

I think we can implement this with this script

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(haikalle) #28

Hi! That’ really nice script. It’s designed for 2d painting and my addon is designed to be help tool for sculpting. And personally when I’m sculting I like to do everything with one app.

(swathi) #29

So can we achieve angle based visibility for grease pencil object instead of annotation tools

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(haikalle) #30

Idea for my script is that grease pencil strokes will slowly dissappear when camera angle is changed. It’s not near as complete 2d pacgage like 2.5d painting script. My script only fills one request i know sculptors has wanted.

(swathi) #31

I understand. But visibility based on camera angle is huge. if we can do it for grease pencil object. Just a feed back or suggestion you can call it. Thank you for the quick replay:grinning:

(haikalle) #32

Now i understood your question and I will take a look if I can extend this for all GPencil objects.

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(Kouza Nagi) #33

Excelente idea…

(swathi) #34

only 2 words. “Thank You”

(haikalle) #35

New update. Features added:

  • Per objects painting
  • Symmetry strokes
(haikalle) #36

Bug fixing release.

(haikalle) #37

One more update. Now strokes data will be stored into blend file and saving blend file is not an issue anymore.

(kabu) #38

It would be nice if those strokes could become real meshes…

(haikalle) #39

After all I decided to release this in blendermarket. Please buy a copy if this tool is helpful in your workflow and you want future updates in this addon.

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(haikalle) #40

New update for this addon. Here is a small video: