sketching (armatures) in Blender

Theeth is working on sketching code:

EDIT: I hope it won’t be limited to drawing armatures !

the branch has the coolest blender related name ever!
etch-a-ton, lol :smiley:

Hey, seems intersting ! I’d like to know more about that.

i never even knew that that site existed! neat :smiley: go theeth!

When you can simply sketch an armature there is nothing “limited” in that.

It has nothing to do with sketching as you let it understand in your title. It would be nice to other people if you edited the title of the thread to something like “Sketching armatures in Blender”. Right now it is misleading and won’t help if one uses the search function of the forums.



I wonder how this relates to conversion of grease pencil drawing to armature.


For us who are not familiar with this Sketching thing, could anyone explain this a bit or perhaps post a useful link?

Thank you

Quoting also. The link really did not help me to understand what this is about. Is it something similar to grease pencil for sketching bones? I guess this is already possible in Blender 2.48.

well, if you are running recent svn build, you can try out grease pencil.
after drawing some lines, you can hit “convert” -> “armature” … and you will get armature based on your drawings.
more about this wonderful lard brush: