SketchUp > Blender ?

This is how it reads in the polls in the Kerkythea site. 49% preferred SketchUp over a meager 19% for Blender. Wanna vote? Just head to the current front page of the Kerkythea site and look down right. You can vote daily. Or not. shrugs

As far as I understand it’s only the modeling-part that’s preferred over Blender, and I tend to agree with that.

My current preferred application to do models with is Silo 2, but I foresee that’s going to change once the event refactor and the bmesh-projects are completed :slight_smile:

I suspect the perception of Blender’s UI has something to do with it too. Like you, though, I also hope this changes after the refactoring.

Well, people always complain about the UI, but I still know how I felt years ago when I started 3ds Max for the first time…

…it was horrible. I couldn’t figure out where I left the objects panel, I couldn’t figure out how to navigate in my viewports and I couldn’t figure out how to set the material settings I wanted to have.

Ironically, that sounds exactly like the common complaints among new Blender users :slight_smile:

I’ve played with MAX a bit. What I really hated was how everything, even the basic stuff, was two or three clicks away at least, even things as basic as panning and rotating your view. I fail to see how this interface relates to the preceding 3D Studio (no “MAX”), which had a better organized, even if still stiff interface.

correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t sketchup a very special purpose app? you can model sets/buildings etc. easily in it, but not for instance characters…

learning SketchUp was so easy. Also, sketchup has a nice environment to model in, but it also has tons of limitations. I only use sketch to model buildings and houses, everything else I do in blender, or moi.

lol, maya under 2%

its not that sketchup is better than blender, its that blender is more for animation and non technical modeling, and sketchup is for architecture and technical modeling. kerkythea is from what i know a gi/ unbiased raytracer which suits the purposes of architectural rendering better than animative rendering-- ie, you have more of a need for realism when you show a model house off to client than when you render some art.