Sketchup forumat to OBJ converter

Hi. Is there a free tool that allows for free sketchup model conversion to obj ? If I download the model

in Collada format, when I import it in Blender some parts are missing and there are various rendering errors. Mabie such a converter might preserve the mesh quality.

you can get the trial version of sketchup pro to check out the OBJ exporter. i use sketchup 8 pro and the OBJ exporter is seriously BA, totally worth the cost of the license.

of course im assuming you actually use sketchup, since the sketchup warehouse is for sketchup users.

I didn’t find where it says it’s only for Sketchup users. It seems something like Blendswap. I have found a Blender Importer for Sketchup file:

Here is what the model creator says about its usage:

Is this OK to use for a free videogame ?

to my understanding from reading that link, the author seems ok with using that model, so long as credit is given. i recommend reaching out to the author of the said model and verify this. maybe you could even get him to give you an OBJ version.

about the warehouse, its not ONLY for sketchup users, its FOR sketchup users. which means its optimized to take those models into sketchup, like the blendswap is FOR blender users, to put into blender. then from there, on to the greater world.

Try downloading the model with STL format then import it to blender