sketchup like push/pull, followup, or efficient method?

I have seen a few messages on this but they are rather old and I would like to see if this has changed.

Is there a way to do face push/pull in Blender now, as it can be done with sketchup?

In modeling the tutorial jeep in the attachement, It was quite a process to lower the doors which were originally flush with the rest of the body. I knifed the door cube, deleted three faces per door and then re-stiched new faces.

If there is no push-pull, could I have done this in a more efficient manner?

Thanks for the input.


Push/Pull in Sketchup is pretty much the same as Extrude in blender, except in blender you can extrude a vert, edge, or face, or multiple verts edges or faces
oh and the shortcut is the E key

Extrude is the same as pull (well, almost), but not as push, which was my problem here. In Sketchup, when you push the face slides down the edge but the verts stay where they are. So it is very easy to push a face in.

Can you post some pictures on what Push actually does? I’m still not sure…
Also, if it does what I think it does then this wouldn’t be that easy to manage without n-gon support in Blender. So, your method to do the door is not totally inefficient, there are probably some better ways (I’d have done it in a different way, but not much more “efficient”) but in general I’d say it is alright…it is not that much work, after all :wink:

Check out the push/pull tutorial on this page. You don’t see much “pushing” but you do see it from 1:00 to 1:10.

How would you have done it in Blender?

I heard that the push/pull method used in Sketchup is patented, I’m not sure though

for such a simple mesh you could use the much (an often unfairly) maligned boolean difference. just make sure all normals are outwards


his right…push is very different…its a good tool too. ;(

i read up a post similar to this (but to do with insets) a while back but you guys where pretty ignorant about the fact that blender simply couldnt do what other programs could. insets are different to extrude/scale. in the case of a convex area, extrude/scale DOES (Sort of) work as inset would. but convex shapes do not.

sketchup models are really diffrent to blender, its hard to get around it.

My brother is using sketchup on a daily-basis for his architectural work, he started with form-z, but later switched to sketchup, he wouldn’t go back, especially coz the push/pull tool enhanced his workflow by miles.

Now, we need push/pull !! :yes:

Btw, I just checked, the push/pull method is indeed patented !! (From

Push/Pull: Quickly go from 2D to 3D

                        Extrude any flat surface into a three-dimensional form with SketchUp's patented               Push/Pull tool. Just click to start extruding, move your mouse, and click again to               stop. You can Push/Pull a rectangle into a box. Or draw the outline of a staircase               and Push/Pull it into 3D. Want to make a window? Push/Pull a hole through your wall.               SketchUp is known for being easy to use, and Push/Pull is the reason why.             


Now the question is, can we borrow patented ideas ? :stuck_out_tongue:

can you really restrict others from creating a tool similar to this by patenting it? i mean, its just another way of manipulating a mesh…it can be done manually, and is done manually on a regular basis (in my case anyway!)… we’d just need some script to automate the process.