Sketchup Style in Blender

Normally at work im stuck with using Vectorworks to model and then Artlantis to render at work but now my boss has seen a Sketchup type image that he wants to reproduce. Its a basic block model with flat colour and black line edges but with AO shadows.
He wants to order sketchup pro but id much rather he let me use Blender. Problem is i’m not really up to speed yet to use Blender for a live project and im not even sure Blender can reproduce this style. I’ve seen the freestyle thread and it looks promising but the other problem i’ve got is that the office machines run OS 10.4 which means I can only run Blender 2.54 i think.
Does anyone know of a way to produce such renders in Blender or do i have to give in and let sketchup into the office?

tell your boss that you need to upgrade the computer system to run sketchup, then once you have the new computers, install blender and rave on about how much better it is and how much you saved by not purchasing sketchup after all.


I would but someone else has just installed SU 7 which works on 10.4.
Bosses machine has OS 10.58 so he wants to buy latest SU and have it for himself despite not being able to work in 3D.
Plus the project needs doing in the next few days and the machines are not due to be upgraded until the new year.

AO shadows can easily be acheaved in Blender - with AO in the world settings. Outlines are best acheaved (IMO) in compositing nodes by putting the depth (z) buffer through a sobal effect. You can then subtract this from the origonal image.

Not heard of that before, i’ll do some googling. Thanks.