Sketchup to Blender...with OBJ

I always had a dificuld time getting models from the free version of Sketchup to Blender. The Collada export of Skechtup never worked for me because it frezzes the program and there is no export. For others that may work.
Then I use the SU2KT plugin to export to Kerkythea XML file and then use the program Kt2Obj ( to transform the Xml to Obj and open the obj in Blender. Too many hoops, but that gave me the best result until I came across a post in the Sketchup forum where a Japanese user named tak2hata made a plugin for Sketchup that export direct to Obj.
The plugin is a bundle where there is the Obj exporter and basic exporters to several renders like Luxrender or Sunflow.
The post in the Sketchup forum is related to Vidro render.
The link for the post is
The link for download the plug-in is in the blog of the user. The blog is in Japanese but plug-in is in English, don´t worry.
Works like a charm!!

Y’know, I used to use Sketchup a lot, but now, in comparison to Blender’s modeling tools, SU seems pathetic.

Then again, I don’t do much arch-vis type stuff.
I guess this could be useful for some people.

Sketchup is good for fast architectual modeling because on archviz the architect makes fast changes in the project, and wants a visual fedback with basic materials and shadows. In my work-flow, when the form is final, then I can dedicate myself to heavy model in Blender with is big guns.

Great info here, many thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

Thanks for the info…