Sketchup's Tape Measure Tool in Blender

does anybody knows if this plugin can be done in Blender ?

1 it measures the edges and distances
2 creates construction geometry /dashed guide lines on imputed distances

very precise, very useful for modeling with precision
(ruler by chromoly is not so good because: - it cannot measure accurate in 3D)

Yeah, I think this is what you want

thanks, but it is for 2.49 version :frowning: not 2.5 :expressionless:

I talked with Dolf, the creator of the script, he is planning on doing a re-write for 2.5x but he is waiting for “event listening” to be done, which I think Campbell is doing. So hopefully when that is done he can do the re-write. I’m waiting patiently for this also. Hope that sheds some light on it for ya.

Mofx, please talk to Dolf and write to him that he should modify how the caliper measure tool works, making in like the Tape Measure from the first post here, so it is possible to measure snap the cursor to a vertex/edge/face of an object and drag a measure line to another point( snapping to vertex/edge/face of the second object)
if it could behave totally like the in video above it would be a.w.e.s.o.m.e :smiley:

would be nice to also have the angle between 2 lines shown!

hope to see it soon


AlexDS, at this point and time all of Dolf’s attention is working on his entoforms so he really isn’t thinking about Caliber, once event listening is completed in Blender 2.5x I’m sure he will start thinking about the re-write and how to make it better. I have total faith in him. So I think all we can do now is just sit back and wait, I know it sucks but that’s about our only option.

Matthew what do you know about Caliper. I think now blender 2.57 is more or less complete, right. The script should be doable.
i realy like/need/could use that script to be able to measure distance between vertices and between different objects.
i don;t wanna be dependent to sketchup for measurements :frowning:

Alex, I really don’t know anything about Caliper, I just know Dolf a little bit, and last time I asked him about it, what I wrote is what he told me. I also wish for this to come to flourishen, but I also know Dolf’s a really important guy pushing the envelope of Blender. So his time is very precious.
Sorry that’s all I know.

:frowning: i can;t believe there’s no other measure / ruler tool in blender for this long tine that exists :expressionless:
what’s worse is that i just discovered that 3ds Max has a measure tool that allows you to measure any distance between anything.

The other wonderful tools SketchUp has are: 1) the protractor; 2) construction lines; 3) inference points. If only Blender got anything similar.

at least a measure tool, would be a start :slight_smile:

or if someone could make chromoly’s addons working, eventhough his RULER TOOL is not near perfect, since it used to only measure distance between vertices of a single object and in 3D would give a lot of measurement errors :expressionless:

I really could use a ruler tool in blender. Both 25x and 2.49

there is the Ruler from Chromoly, but currently doesn’t work on 2.58 afaik

Would be easy enough using an openGL overlay, like index visualiser does (by Crouch). The real interesting part is to measure between snappable elements on different objects, and to keep track of them so that you can have measurements that display face-on according to the 3dview orientation (if you want to make the measurement graphics renderable).

While I prefer AutoCAD for architectural stuff, and recently even Draftsight for 2D engineering stuff, it is becoming tempting to add a resemblance of this functionality to Blender myself. I have a few thoughts on the matter and some questions:

  • be able to measure between 2 empties (linear)
  • be able to measure between 3 empties (arc, angle ) …slightly tricky
  • add anti-aliased openGL rendered dimensions as a render layer (ie, not geometry… it doesn’t look good).
  • choose imperial / metric
  • modify the (text / line / marker) sizes at runtime
  • set precision

the first milestone would be

  • [ ] can I render openGL/bgl output to a render layer, that scales and matches geometry with render dimensions

this would be awesome, but can you do it, Zeffii ?

@AlexDS, probably …but if macouno is going to be putting his hands to it anyway (as suggested by other posts here) i’ll probably not do it. But then again it would be good exercise

it would be an awesome exercise, and the finality is a great tool.
for me it would be probably the oblivion of Sketchup, which i am using with blender for organic shapes, because sketchup has the measure tool that quickly says the distance between stuff. Blender do not say it, just rudimentary, there not a good workflow to use.

zeffii , if i can give any help what so ever please do say