Sketchy Godot Experiment

I am experimenting with the creation of some sketch/stroke based modelling.
My project is still in early stage, but you can try it here:

No UI yet, saving only supported on desktop, some short-cuts:
Godot Project/Source:

Have fun (hopefully)

not sure if intentional, but that title is terribly misleading in the most click baity way. :joy:

bravo :clap:

I am not sure either, so what did you expect?
Looking for Input for further development of that program.

The term “sketchy” tends to mean ‘shady’, not artistic usage like you did :slightly_smiling_face:

I just tried (I never used Godot so far though - just pressed the play button) and it looked like it could give something.

Still I have not exactly figured out this workflow. The only thing I have in mind that sometimes in Blender I just want to sketch vertices to get the feel of the shape. No grease pencil / no annotations / only clean vertices.

Now I just do workarounds with conversions and such but still a 100% vertex drawing is useful.

This would be a good start for going with this feature.

Thanks for the input! The tool is rather rough, the workflow will likely change while I work on it.
I plan to work heavily with strokes that can be parameterized and keep the mere vertices skeleton.
I like the Idea to add the simplicity of just vertices as a feature… especially since i tend to think only of more complex features to add.

there now is a new version, including a help (F1) saving for the web-version:

Also placed it on GitLab:

Examples created and uploaded to sketchfab: