Skew Loop Cut

Hi everyone, what’s the technique of making a skew loop cut? In other words, if I could somehow join the two parts of the mesh shown in the image in a way that I’d

pull the upper side of the left part till it reaches the upper side of the right part and pull the lower side of the right part to the lower side of the left part,

that would be the same if I would have just made a “skew loop cut” on the whole mesh when the missing part wasn’t yet removed.

I hope it was understandable:)


Have you used the bridge tool with more than zero cuts? If you are looking to bridge those two loops and have a loop cut in the middle, but not on a straight line between paired vertices, then make sure your “T” panel is open and look at the bottom after you click “Mesh->Edges->Bridge Edge Loops.” Experiment with the number of cuts and blending the path or blending the surface.

If instead you are wanting a loop cut that is closer to one pipe and then farther away on the opposite side, bridge the loops and then use the awesome new bisect tool.

If your loops have the same vertex counts you can check the merge box in the bridge edge loops options and then use the slider to position the merged loop.

I forgot about the “T” panel! Thanks, the merge options helped a lot! And I didn’t know about the bisect yet either. Now I can do what I wanted, thank you!