ski clothing and equipment animation

I’m making an animation of ski equipment and clothing, for a school project, and these are stills of my opening scence:

I think that the lighting and materials are pretty bad, does anyone have any suggestions? Are there any objects that i could add?

And i also have a few questions - should i render my animation with the default blender renderer or should i use yafray or something similar? Which would give the best balance of rendering time with quality? Or should i wait a few weeks for the new version of blender with the render recode? I have a lot of rendering time availible.

Thanks for any suggestions,

The floor texture is good, but you should definitely add a little bit of reflection to it. It also looks like your meshes for the baseboards and the door are much too dense. You really don’t need more than bevelled boxes for them, and this will save render time and improve the realtime speed. I don’t particularly like the TV as it is. It lacks details. Oh, and the mesh for the screen also seems rather dense.

Maybe try adding some more details such as cables, put screws on the TV stand, etc., because right now the floor texture clashes with the simplicity of the rest of the scene. Lighting looks good though, and the overall ambience seems nice.

hey, thanks for your comments!!

Im not exactly sure what you mean by my meshes being ‘dense’.

But thanks for the comments, ill go work on it now :smiley:


He means that you have way too many polys in there. You don’t need anywhere near that many, especially if you’re using subsurf.

Aside from having quite a high number of polys for what is essentially a slightly curved screen, that TV looks like part of the Flintstones home got embedded in it.

Can anyone say boulder?

If that’s supposed to be static/noise on the tv, it’s too dark.

The floor texture is very good, but the walls and door need some attention. For instance, the door handle on that door is set awfully close to it’s midpoint. Most door handles set closer to the edge. It brings the mechanism closer to the latch and also provides better leverage.

In keeping with the door. It looks like it’s just stuck in the wall. You see the wood skirting which goes around the walls near the floor. Well usually that wood can continue around the door, as a frame. Doesn’t have to, but it’s an option worth considering.

The clock seems a little ‘flat’. If it has any volume, perhaps bring it slightly back from the wall so that any lights in the scene can cast a subtle shadow behind/beside/above or below it. It just looks kinda stuck there.

Stick with it, this could turn into something rather nice :smiley:

As was already said, the floor texture (realistic) clashes with the rest of the scene (too simple), especially the TV and the door.
The TV screen looks bad and the rest lacks details (add cables, and maybe something for the sound output down the buttons).