Ski jumping game... I need help!!!

I have made controls for the actor, everything is done (except the meshes - but thats the easiest thing in the project).
I have made a simple example of what my problem is:
The blue dot is “the point” of the actor.
I don’t know how to make it change it’s angle when sliding down the slope, I hope you know what I mean.
I have tried the “FH Norm” in the duynamic material section, Rot FH in the actor section. Dunno what to do.

read my skating post. i posted it yesterdaY!

none of the tips posted there works…

-There is a ski game here.It use RotFh and works

thn I really don’t know what to do…

Add a material to your ground, click the “Dyn” button next to the colour sliders on the left. Click “Fh Norm,” and put a small amount in “Fh Dist,” (0.01 works well.)

On your dynamic object, click the “Rot Fh” button. Make sure it’s Z axis points up.

[EDIT] You might also have to click “Do Fh” on the dynamic object. I can’t remember if it’s required for Rot Fh.

doesn’t work…
:x :x :x :x
i’m pissed off now!!
everything works but not on my computer, not with my copy of blender, not with me.

OK, I forgot a few things. In the material for your ground set “Fh Force” to 1.0, and “Fh Damp” to 0.1 or 0.3. You do not need to click “Do Fh” on the dynamic object, only “Rot Fh.”

oh ill check if that works later.
thanks dude!!!