Skin a Scion and win $1000!

Yes, I’m new here and yes, I know what sort of suspicions that sort of thread title can arouse but I assure you, this is legit!

Here is the webpage:

Here is the thread on another forum (car racing simulation forum):

Why am I posting here? As a small way of saying “thanks” to the Blender community and because a search of the forums seems to show that I am the first to break this news :yes:

The downloadable .zip contains several URLs, a .max file, an .obj file and of course a uvmapping template (in .tga). I don’t have 3DSMax (and refuse to steal it) and have wanted an excuse to learn Blender for a long, long time now so here it is! :cool:

Of course skinning is only part of the winning equation! You are invited to modify the model anyway you like as long as it’s still recognizable as a Scion underneath. Add wings, change the wheels, ground effects, etc.

Submission period ends June 25th!

Wouldn’t it be neat if a Blender user won first prize?

this is very cool for someone who prefers texturing and rendering to modelling.

I opened the sedan .obj file; that is one messed up car mesh:P First I welded about 200 doubled verts, then I merged verts on the top of the windshield. It had a reversed normal on the left side. The rear glass doesn’t line up with the rear deck lid. I was kind of hoping to open a great model to learn a couple tricks; no luck on this one.

I agree you don’t have to model to enter but you are encouraged to do so and likely the final winner will be more than a 2D texture job, don’t you think?

From the official rules:

Skin the provided 3D model, you are allowed to add polygons to the original model as long as the base model is still visible. You are allowed to make changes and additions within reason, (example: adding your own custom rims to the car). However please make sure you don’t change the car into a spaceship, Remember, show us style, originality, and creativity, show us your best Scion!

SLIGHTLY better prizes in this version :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but in this one you have to be 18 years or older:yes: