Skin and Build modifier not working together

I’ve been following along a tutorial by Polyfjord (I totally recommend), And got stuck on one step.

It says use a build modifier to make some letters appear before grabbed, but when I did there were little splotches before the modifier was done.
so I took his advice and put the build modifier above the skin. But now the animation will start the first letter, then stop, then finish all at once on the last few frames.

I can’t send the file, as it’s 4 megabytes too big, but I’m putting together a video to demonstrate

Heres a video demonstrating:
2022-05-31 19-28-12.mkv (2.1 MB)

Edit 2:
I’ve tried things like applying scale to the mesh, or increasing/decreasing the vertex radius. I’ve also tried messing with the modifier settings themselves, but to no avail.

I didn’t look at the file. Skin modifier requires some verts to be marked with “root”, and if your build is deleting all your root verts, then what you’re saying would make sense. There’s not really any reason I know of to not just mark all your verts as root, so you can do that:

Enter edit, select all verts. Look on modifier, there’s a button that’s like “mark as root” or something. Click it.