Skin and Hair learning

Hi folks, this is my first attempt on serious skin shading and hair on Blender, I thought to post this on finished section but at the end this are more suitable in the testing sub testing forum.
This is part of study for hair and skin learning with Blender, after viewing stunning works made by others.
For now I’m quite satisfied for the result, these are 4 different lighting with a small HDRI image background, from HDRI Haven I added particles for hair, eyelashes, sideburns, beard and eyebrows.

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Do you use displacement? I know this model, I think… when look on ears it’s like too much displacement. Other than that skin look too wet, for me. Anyway it’s good start :slight_smile:

the head model was provided with two maps one for displacement and other for diffuse, I used these to generate the others but isn’t perfect, and yeah the ears has an evident displacement because i wanted an accentuated effect on face, where I also added a procedural texture for skin, and the wet effect is due to the lack of an appropriate map, and that make it too glossy in some part. I’m focused mostly in hairs after tweak skin shader that was made only with two maps other models have many customized maps for each channel.

Good start!

Think the stubble base-radius may be too big… Also, not sure if from scars but there is a “patchiness” to the stubble that may be caused by using a quad-heavy mesh. Child Hair-particle interpolation needs triangles, so applying a triangulate modifier to the base-mesh helps a lot to remove interpolation errors.

Good luck!

If I remember correctly this model come with more maps… specular, SSS ( BW for distribution ), normal , specular color ( which are unusable in Cycles I guess ) , and maybe bump… not sure, I play with this model many years ago. I’m not sure where I put this model :slight_smile: Anyway this is free and probably can find this somewhere on net.

Thanks, for info I try to find the other maps

Thanks for advice this is my first attempt on hairs, there are too many settings to handle and understand.
Do you know for this? Amazing stuff, give so much possibilities.

Thanks for the link.