skin faces and edge loops for blender 2.57

hello. I am wondering how to acess the skin faces and edge loops function in blender 2.57b. thank you.

In your User Preferences -> Addons enable the Loop Tools
In Edit Mode you will see in the left panel there are now several new tools listed, you should see “Bridge” and “Loft” , both should work similarly to the Skin face/edge loops from 2.49.
Though when trying to use it on 3 separated edge loops, Bridge is unable to link more than 2 of them, while “Loft” will do, so use “Loft” for most of your needs.

But sometime you can get some bugs, at least in the 2.57b stable version of :
while i never have such problem with skin face edge loop in 2.49b :

how about for blender 2.56?