skin falling off and green mesh

I’m new to this so these might be dumb questions, but I’m very stuck.
I’m going through the wiki.blender tutorial “your first animation”, and I have two issues I can’t figure out.

When I start the animation, my gingerbread man’s skin falls off. His eyes, mouth, and buttons stay in place, but his body falls limply out the bottom of the universe. The body is already parented to the bones, and posing the bones moves the mesh appropriately. The problem only begins when I start the animation.

Also, Gus’ body is green. The mesh is green, and in the tutorial, they show it as orange. What does that mean, does it matter, and how can I change it back?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah… you accidentally set Gus up as a rigid body. In Object mode, go to the Properties Editor, Physics tab, Enable panel, and click the X on Rigid Body to remove the simulation. Gus should turn his normal state of orange, and won’t fall through the floor anymore.

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(In edit mode, Ctrl+R does a loop cut, but in object mode, it sets the object up as a rigid body. You probably wanted to make a loop cut while in object mode, saw Gus turn green, but nothing else happened. When you switched to edit mode to make the loop cut, Ctrl+R worked as advertised, so you thought nothing of it and moved on.)

Thank you for this!