Skin Material First Attempt, hope for hints

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this forum but not to Blender and still I’d say that I’m a n00b.
Some days ago I started working on my very own Skin Material, which would be rather convincing in the end. But until now, there is still a mystery to me that I could not find yet among the flood of Tutorials throughaot the internet.
You all know, of course, that one of the main aspects of a convincing Skin Material is Subsurface Scattering and/or its imitation within the Blender Game Engine, which is my goal. Well, makin’ a light shine through an Object is not so hard, but it is rather unrealistic if you get a whole red glowing head as soon as a lamp is behind it…
… and that is my question: How do I achieve Rim Lighting by using nodes?

Or to be more exact: What is the best/easiest/fastest way to reduce the fake sss-glowthrough to the object’s rim?

My Material so far…

… my Problem so far.

Do not mind that horrible model, I just did a rush job to have something more adequate for a human skin material than Suzanne. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, guys, overhere it is four o’clock in the early hours of the day but nerdy as I am this is the time I finally achieved my Rim Lighting – and it looks just plain perfect, I’d say ( hell yeah \m/ )!

Actually pretty easy in the end, but I always hated working with vectors. -___-
Now I only got to combine it with the sss-glow and I will be happy! :3

Plus another funny thing I found while experimenting with nodes. Nothing special, I am afraid, but it’s amusing to me! :3

the material is good with rim lighting

Thanks, bigmanjoe. :slight_smile: (Åååh, I made my own Rim Lighting, I’m so proud of myself! :P)
And I think that I am coming close to accomplishing my mission: