Skin Material thread!

Here it is:

so im makeing a skin material for my own use as well so that i could upload it to the repository @ for everyones use!

MEANING: C&C is a must :smiley:

curious: method? if it works under all light settings then we have a new awesome! skin shader.

yeah, is it possible to set it up under various conditions?
or else, wth…it’s always useful! thanx in advance :slight_smile:

umm… about the lights: you can try that out your self… :smiley:
on the moment im optimising for the “3point” lighting way… though ill be trying it out oter ways to… yet still lighting set-up is allways important, allways!
Blend File [530.KB.RAR]

ok i made it a little tad bit better here:

Hmm, i think there should be just very little more red in it.
Right now it looks like a dead mans skin. But the specularity and all that is very good!

BTW, is there a thread for posting cool materials that you’ve come up with?
If not, maybe this should be one?
Just a suggestion.

And most important!:

Its just a lighting set up, though not a bad one. I’ve been playing with the nodes and SSS would you like to see?

sure i want to see!

Okay, here you go, but mind they are nothing like renderdemon has:
Two different settings

used shadow maps?

Yessir! Hense why I said SSS. Really thats the only way to acheive it with any visual stisfaction.

To not take over this thread, I started mine with the altered skin shader:

Hmmmm… The top skin shader looks too green.

Ditto(especially framedworlds, sry man)…

well yeah, tho there is a certain script from 2004 that uses vertex color lighting for the effect :wink:

ahg , barf. i could never get it to work

weird i did, with the first try!

EDIT: heres an image of my try:

yeah, but thats good for truly translucent objects. Skin is multi-layered, so the script doesn’t work for that. We need a shader, made by blender, that allows for SSS, EVEN IN THE RAYTRACER!!!

lol, im not saying we don’t im just saying that the script worked, but yeah i would love to see a shader like that :slight_smile:

It looks sort of like an ice sculpture. :wink: I suppose with some changes this could be an interesting ice texture.