Skin material

Can anyone give me some tips on skin materials?

yes :slight_smile: google is your friend. “skin shading” brought up this link here which is quite famous: so try to fake this in blender, since its not possible to do it 1:1. but there are several hints to fake a nice skin…

This is an excellent tutorial:

When I re-make my attempted human, I think I am going to use this technique.


Nice tutorial, but I don’t have any paint program, so I’d like to do the whole thing in Blender without UV-mapping. Thanks for the link anyway, well keep for future projects.

If you mean using procedurals, then here is a .blend BgDM made:

It would be VERY hard to get photorealistic skin from procedurals, but with a lot of effort you may be able to come close.


Hey, thanks a lot, I’ll use that one untill i get a drawing program.