Skin material

So, I have used blender for quite some time now, and i’ll admit that my worse area is texturing:o

I finally came up with something halfway decent (i hope), and so I am posting a pic in order to receive some feedback on it. I intend to make a cgsphere type character out of it. For more info on cgsphere go to

the bulk of the “sphere” will be the belly of someone who has eaten way to much this thanksgiving and probably will burst after the Christmas.

But for now i have just got a skin material that i would appreciate some feedback on.

That’s one hairy belly then. :smiley:
Maybe the normal value is set a bit too high. He looks like his belly’s skin suffers from cellulite, especially in the shadow areas.
All together, a nice material.

thanks! its supposed to look like that for now, its a close up shot of the material, i think it will look more like what you think when i scale it for the final.
thats also why the hair is so long

i personally like the bumps cause they are supposed to be like goose bumps, but they may be to emphasized

tomorrow i think ill make a “zoomed out” shot of the texture and see if that fixes how it looks

its a close up shot of skin so those things are to be expected, ill have to resize it to see if that fixes it

btw those bumps are goosebumps, but they do look like he just took a plunge in the arctic lol
edit:sorry for the doble post, my browser is acting a little weird so i thought it erased my entry lol

Well, turkeys don’t float so naturally he sunk to the bottom of that icy water :wink:

Of course, judging a material just by seeing it applied to a primitive is difficult if the material has a specific purpose.
If you’re as good at modeling than at making materials, you should do great. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your thread in the WIP forum.

thanks, i just hope ive learned edge loops correctly, but thats going to be another thread lol

im rendering a version that has the goosebumps scaled down and nor reduced, hopefully it will look allot better

these AO renders really take time, like its a small render size and a fairly fast computer but it seems to take forever, or im just impatient :rolleyes:

ill post it soon here lol

edit: here it is:
further comments/suggestions would be appreciated as i think that is my best texture so far and i hope to learn all i can from it

A good skin texture would need some fake SSS.

Search for SSS examples that you can download, learn how they did it, and apply it to your material.

Color ramps are pretty good for faking sss.

i was hopeing someone would notice, but it already has some faked sss using a color ramp
it may be a little to subtle though

i did download and try the shadow buffer sss, but i have to have an area light
and the mhssss scripts produced much the same results as the color ramp, although much to powerfull even turned all the way down

if you look in the area where the light is not shining on the sphere you can see that it has a slight red tint to it, which is the faked sss

perhaps it needs to be turned up?

Search in the tests forum, there’s one fake SSS example that uses node materials then a spotlight. Search for an example by someone named eye[number]

Nice testicle. Color ramps are flesh, orange, dark purple. That’s what I use and a tad bit o trans.

i was afraid someone would call it that:o

but that isnt what i meant it to be lol

its just a test of a procedural applied to a primitive sphere in order to iron out the problems that might detract from the final model

by the way it DOES have faked sss using ramp colors, which is the best for my lighting

like i said, is it to subtle?