skin shader


temporally i m working at my head model of heidi klum. to achieve realistic results i ve tried out working with ramps to get a nice skin shader. please tell me what you think of it and how i can do it better. the first pic uses a yellowish light, the second pure white.




They look a bit too specular to me tbh. I was looking for a skin tutorial i had found for 3ds max a while ago but i cant seem to find it anymore :frowning: I’ll post it here if i ever find it again.

here is one with no specularity


turn SSS on! God knows everyone screamed for it…so we should use it. Needs blood.

You could use a basic voronoi crackle texture with some warping by the previous texture channel for the veins.

For SSS, there’s a setting in the panel for skin, enable SSS, set it to skin, and adjust the scale.

another test, added veins and SSS, anyway i m also interested if the veins are important if i m using an image as a skin textures ?