Skin shading-- Don't know if it's possible

I found this tutorial for Maya on Skin Shading…

And my question is: It is possible to use the same method in Blender? I tried but I don’t know a way to do it.

it is going to be more possible in the next release as you will be able to assign curves to different material properties [spec, diffuse…]

hm, i know that tut - i think it is within reach with the new ramps available for color/specular… but someone has to sit down and find all the right settings to get us blenderheads look like that mayahead :wink:

That’s nice to know. Little (huge) things like these help our Blender getting more proffesional than how actually is. :slight_smile:

I am going to have to grab the new cvs,…I suppose I will understand what ‘ramps’ are when I fool with them for awhile.

How long before the ramps are implemented into BF?

-12 days I think

theeth’s build
[newer builds should have LSCM and all sorts of new stuff since this one]

What is bf?

blender foundation

you see, before blender was open sourced it was owned by NaN, and while avalible for free you could get more for paying for blender.

the blender foundation was created in the free blender campaign when NaN was going under (thanks ton) and it collected 100 000 euros [in donations] to open [nearly all of] blender’s source

RAMP SHADERS in 12 days ?



:o :o :o :o :o

I have been waiting for ramps for ever! I even posted a thread at org site requesting them a while ago. Glad to see thay will finally be a reality!

I played with them in Lightwave for a while and I have to say, they make things look so much better.

Great work Ton!


Ramps in the new blender are great.

You can actually produce this effect, at least for the “normal” ramp setting, in blender before ramps though … more or less.

Play with a blend texture mapped to Nor. It isn’t perfect, but does produce reasonable results.