Skin shading in blender.And why it is hard to shade skin in general

Ever since i first opened up blender, I’ve been trying to improve my skills in Cgi work, for years I tried to make a human head,at first it looked terrible but as the years went by I started getting better and better,until I had a human bust that I was finally happy with. I worked on it for hours ,getting proportions right and making sure that everything looked as good as my skills allow them to look. But then when I wanted to show off my accomplishment to everyone I saw that I have no idea how shading works. At first I used simple diffuse shaders but as tome went on I started experimenting with skin shading,and as I expected it was and still is difficult. I’ve looked at tutorials online and even tried making my own shaders but nothing really worked. I took things from lots of different places,like CynecatPros video about fernel and PBR but so far my only accomplishment is this:

I know,it looks terrible. Skin is a really hard material to make in Cg. It doesn’t behave like most materials,as it doesn’t just reflect light but it also absorbs,scatters(SSS),refract and reflect just to name a few. So for someone like me who is just getting into shading it is really hard to make skin,and I realize that It was a really high feet to set for myselfe but how can I learn if I don’t take on challenges. The shader(my) is simple:

And I know it is far from real skin but it is a first step to victory(or to a not so horrific looking shader)

Maybe if I use a texture it will work but for now there is no way of knowing. Of course I didn’t think that I can make skin just by shading a model, but I tried textures before and they just look like flat planes(because they are flat images projected on to a 3D model) And that is were the really tricky part comes. You must find the right blend of shader value(ot how strong it is comperes to the texture) and a good texture. I know that this post is really poorly worded and is not structored well but I think that you all get want I am saying. I shall attach the shader I made if anyone wants to look at it,and please if you have any opinions on the matter,share them,they will help a lot. Thank you for your time.

I got the hdr to light the scene in the blend file from hdr labs :


Skin_shader.blend (686 KB)

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Hey man !

You can try this ! Tell me if it works :slight_smile:
(Tips : open your head project, clic on file, Link, select the attached file, then go in Materials and select Skin)

Skin_shader_Modified.blend (736 KB)

Thanks! I will check it now. But by the photo it looks better than mine

And for a more realistic render, you could/should add a bit of pilosity all over the face (half transparent color).