Skin, skin...

Hello everyone!
Please help me where to start, how to make this material as the skin is

or this

Both images was rendered by internal render.
Do use textures for this skin? Or only procedure-textures? And nodes.
How to learn to do in this way?

P.S. Excuse me, I find it hard to read and write in English.

The skin is a “shader” so you use “nodes” SSS, is main ingredient.

Which will include, Sub_surf Scatterings, Specular Maps, Reflection maps, Epi Dermal Maps, Sub Dermal Maps, Back Scattering, Bump or normal maps, so there is a lot of work to be done to be able
to succeed with skin, these layers create that skin you see on cosmic girl.

Here is the tutorial everyone uses, also Ben Dansie has some info on those shaders and Maqs.

Once finished this is only the base, then you need to learn about Projection Painting with creating U.V Maps.

Thank you!
I downloaded tutorial from Ben Dansie’s page, but this URL (…) is died. I will try open this url later once again, i need tutorial about skin shader. I hope it will work.

It is the tutorial of the skin shader wait for it to load. its the only one hahahah

Ok, if i understand right, then i must wait. Or tutorial from url and from Ben Dansie - is the same?
Sorry, english not native for me.

I everything found. Thanks again!