Skin Test - Render Updates in 1st Post

It’s not your imagination, the texturing is just too subtle I guess. I’m going to have to overhaul them, being that the stack is kinda sorta full & nothing’s really registering. I still have to do vertex painting for those specific skin tone variations. Glad the shading is satisfactory atleast, since that’s what I’ve been focusing on.

Thanks for the C&C.

Actually, I was saying that it MAY be right. Without color variations and skin speckling, etc., it’s hard to tell. But it looks like you are on the right track.

Okay, I see the problem as being there’s nothing really working with the specular highlights right now. Is that what you’re getting at?

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread. I think this skin issue needs to be solved once and for all. Keep going :wink:

Alrighty, keep that eye on the first post in this thread then, I’ve been updating there sporadically with new renders. The updates are so slight right now that they don’t really merit bumping the thread, by me atleast. I’ve been doing some backtracking as well, so I don’t want things to get confusing.

Your June 12 edit is looking very good.

How about my June 25 edit? I’ve been experimenting with translucency but have yet to bother vert painting specific skin coloration, comment freely otherwise.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since bumping this thread; it’s possible I’ve contracted a case of seasonal drag ass. %|

You’re going to like this. Check out:

Ton just committed “ramp” shaders, allowing you to specify a colorband for the diffuse or spec components of a material, allowing you to really saturate and warm your shadows. Useful if you’re doing a material that should have extra warm, saturated shadows, like skin.

This is a feature I have been looking for in Blender for a loooong time now. When I used Lightwave for a short time, it had a similar feature and I loved it. I even posted a request at a while back regarding this. Glad to see it has been implemented. Will make things a lot nicer going forward.


Oh yeah, I’m definitely liking it… I’ve been playing with that feature since I downloaded the latest CVS build last night. Today’s update has diff & spec color ramps applied. I’m still experimenting & trying to see what I can take out of the material stack now that I don’t have to fake this effect. This solves a big problem of adding crispness while trying to preserve specularity levels at the same time. A [really, really] big thanks to Ton & the developers! This is probably the best addition since raytracing.

Thanks for the link harkyman, I keep forgetting where to find the “changes since…” pages. I’ll get back to this after I read that over & actually understand what all the features do. :slight_smile:

funny, i went to #blendercoders [well actually i’m there all the time to bug ton :stuck_out_tongue: ] and proposed it. ton coded it in a matter of days! :smiley:

now stephen stahlbergs skin tute works quite well with blender.


funny, i went to #blendercoders [well actually i’m there all the time to bug ton :stuck_out_tongue: ] and proposed it. ton coded it in a matter of days! :smiley:

now stephen stahlbergs skin tute works quite well with blender.


Oh yeah! The Ramp Shader is the good stuff for skin. Ton worked wonders on this one.

I swear to god I’ll throw a party on the day that Blender releases SSS. Until then, good look with the skin. It is a chore, but one you’re doing quite ell. I’m impressed.

I was staring in my coffee, thinking the same thing earlier. Considering how much progress there’s been just since 2.33, it doesn’t seem so unlikely; I’m betting it’s on someone’s TODO list. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment. I’ve been pushing this project along for just over a month now & it may just keep evolving as new features are implemented. That being said, hopefully no one minds this thread being open-ended as such.

Did some backtracking again, just to see what I’d get with the new ramp shaders applied to some choice past versions.

Ah, gave her a pair of eyes as well, amazingly difficult to get them naturally positioned. Didn’t feel like “reinventing the wheel” here, so I plucked them out of someone else’s head… model. These were well modelled & all I had to do was set them up for raytracing & tweak a few other material settings.

I’d give credit where it’s due but have forgotten the author’s name, the .blend was posted on these boards some time ago. I think it was a work in progress, had some quite good image textures for the head.

Just did side by side with the original toon version. This is looking good. I’ve been experimenting with the ramp shaders, too, but I’m having trouble making them dance the dance I want them to dance. It seems like you’re having better luck.

Keep it up. I, for one, am secretly (not now!) counting on your effort to give us some good skin.

I got lucky with the ramp shaders here, I had been trying to get the same effect with regular blend textures & they just sort of made sense as soon as I saw them in the material buttons.

I tend to take some time between major work on this - and my other projects - so I can look back at it freshly & hopefully find things in need refining that have been previously overlooked. No worries, I’ll keep this going until I know for certain it’s finished - or pass the blend in a fit of lethargic futility.

Getting a bit content with my progress here, any C&C?

BTW, the new Full OSA feature is great. It adds definition to things that standard OSA normally blurs, subtle things that ideally shouldn’t be softened around the edges, like in this case: the outer ring in the cornea. I haven’t tested it in animation yet, but I’m hoping it also solves that shimmering problem with textures when rendering at lower resolutions.

It might be worthwhile, to take a reference photo that has a head shot, try and do similar lighting and pose. Then do a comparison. Right now we are just comparing to our recollections of what skin looks like (or openning photos that have headshots but with vastly different lighting conditions), thus judging whether the skin is ‘good’ is kinda tough.


Good idea, I was considering changing the lighting setup after posting yesterday actually. I’ll see what I can come up with, although this may turn into a wholly more complicated project with trying to match the lighting & such in a real headshot. Eh, sounds worthwhile enough to give it a go. I suppose it’ll help give me a bit more focus as well, having a specific subject as a guide.

Anyone feel like contributing some images before I hit google?