Skin tone feedback.

Hello there,

So Im working on a character. The modeling is complete and now Im starting to texture stuff.

I started doing the face and I was quite surprised with the result I got. The eyebrows are done completely in Blender using texture paint. I also tried to give the skin some tone variations. Also…I realy want to give the eyes a tired look. Thats why there are those dark circles around the eye sockets.

I would like to know how can I improve the skin, how can I bring out the features of the face more?

Thank you in advance.

P.S. Now when I look at it, seems the placement of the eyebrows should be extended a bit, this is caused from the normal map Im sure.

Those are awesome links, thank you for that. However, I wont be using cycles and I wont be using nodes. I was more wondering how to fake it using texture paint. Also It is important to say that I wont be going for 100% realism.

Thank you for the reply though. There are things here that I will deffinitely use in the future.

Just create 3 Textures as needed for SSS and use Blending Modes to mix them. No need to use nodes :slight_smile:

i tried this thread for skin

and it does not gie very good results!

anybody else had same problem?


it’s kind of tricky to find matching colors and lighting but it’s totally worth the effort. Just keep trying. You can increase the skin-effect by using discreet bump-mapping and textures instead of raw color-input.