Skining of realistic female model

Hello, friends!
I need help.
I’m trying to make the right skinig. I get the ugly stuff. I found a lot of lessons, but they are mostly about rig. What should be done so that I can give pretty realistic poses for a model girl?

Model’s rig can be quite simple, I do not need animation, I need the static poses, poses a lot! But in the statics. Tell me, please, how can I do this right and goodly?

P.S. English is not native for me - i’m sorry.


I read about a model girl with rig and skining by Jorge Rocha, but his website is not work.
If this is be available then we can look at an example of skinig.

Time machine is your friend:

Thank you very much!

I have a problem. Too many polygons in model girl. Subsurf modifier already applied. (I know it’s a mistake, but did not change)
It is very hard and long put in order as many verts in each pose.
To be particularly difficult to face for emotion.
Help me please, how best to do? Use meshdeform? Will it help?


There is an unsubsurf script in Blender 2.49. If you haven’t changed the topology after applying the subsurface modifier, it often makes a good job at restoring the original mesh. In a scripts window, select Scripts > Mesh > Poly reduce selection (Unsubsurface).

I will try it - thank you!
But i am afraid this model was import from another redactor (obj). Or topology was changed.

Unfortunately, the script does not work in my case. Blender crushed.
I want to try using a detailed MeshDeform. I hope this will help.

Wow… I never saw that before! Very useful link… Thanks!

so may want to retopo the high poly mesh to low poly with the retopo tool and for your skinning problem it seens to me you need to blend the bone weight better like have the butt bone or the pelvis bone influence more that area of the leg to create a nice blend and i will get rid of that problem

Thank you for help!
That’ll do if I do not understand my problem with MeshDeform modifier (this topic ).