Hah, I have to laugh. When I was much younger we used to chase these silly lizards called skinks. They were small and very fast runners. They could climb up walls and bricks and such. What was fun was that we would chase them into cactus plants and they would leap into them, oft times skewering themselves on the spines. It was fun in a way to see them in thier death throws, wiggling around a cactus thorn, silly lizards!

I sense a salamander, lemme see if I predicted right

Pixelmass be nice to reptiles, killing animals for fun isn’t the way to go, though if I was in Dragon form I could care less and eat them:)

Oh my, I quit doing that stuff years ago. Magnifying glasses and ants, it was interesting as a child, it doesn’t serve much purpose though. Now I only destroy things that are pests or predators.

yeah, that stuff is silly, also blowing into frogs until they explode or attaching a sausage on a dog´s tail and watching him chasing his own tail (ok, the last one is funny :). We don´t want to give anyone a reason thinking blender users treat animals bad / are sadists…MUHHHAHAHAHAHA

we called them skanks, wonder if it is the same type of lizzard?

we have sum skinks in canada.

we now sum ppl in canada

there sexy

With Blender, we don’t need to blow stuff up…we can just animate it…

…I’m wondering why you’re telling us this? I usually try to distance myself from this sort of thing but in this case I can’t help but admit that I’m disgusted. I know you were just a kid, but the fact that you can look back at that without feeling ashamed is pretty sick in my opinion. No offense intended, but I just think animals deserve a bit more respect than that.

Field guides claim that we have skinks here in New England, but the only time I’ve ever seen them was when I was in Louisiana.

when i lived in texas we would catch house geckos, but if we cupped our hands around them their tail would always fall off :confused: , so we stopped doing that

It’s a pretty cool system. The bones in their tails have these little cracks called fracture points (if I remember correctly) that allow them to break off easily. Afterward the tail can grow back, but the second tail does not have fracture points. It’s an effective defense, but usually it can only be used once. (If the tail breaks off halfway, for example, the lizard can theoretically lose it again, as it can break higher up, where the fracture points still exist.)

i don’t know if you are talking about this , but i have a question , some kind of bugs … etc
when you cut their tails , it keeps moving , two seperated things , the tail keeps flirting and jumping , please guys , how can i know more about this in the wikipedia , i don’t know the search keywords .