Skinned mesh vs mesh

Hi, I am working for game developers and my client said: “Could you choose to use “mesh” instead of “skinned mesh”?”

I don’t know what is different between skinned mesh and “normal” mesh.

Can anyone explain to me?

Not sure about the client’s request. I suppose that he was talking about animated things with bones?
If it’s the point, that means, instead of skinning (manage vertices attraction to one bone or more). Use body part (isolated objects) .parent objects to the concerned bone. Ex: cylinder patented to a leg bone.
Be more precise about what you are expected to do…characters…assets. … anything else?

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Also, depends on game engine they use. If they are working in Unity, there are two different Components which are used to represent the mesh: MeshRenderer and SkinnedMeshRenderer. The former doesnt use any bone deformation and, as the consequence, less resource demanding. But this only matters if you have to import and setup your models in Unity yourself


the fact is that we need more informations.

Perhaps they have no idea what they mean and are bandying about terms they’ve heard that get them the results they want.
Swallow your pride and ask them what they mean. Not knowing something isn’t a crime. Seek to be informed.

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