Skinned Ragdoll in BGE no python.

Just letting you know i found out an easy way to skin a ragdoll in the BGE with no python. I cant post a tut right now and i don’t have a good example, but i will post it as soon a possible. Its not really skinning, but it still makes it look like one continuous mesh, which should be good enough for most people.

So are you going to show us it, or just tell us that you did it?

I’m to busy to post a tut right now, Ill do it as soon as possible.
Ill try to get it up at least before the weekend ends, hopefully sooner.

What about posting a demo file for now?

I was about to post the tut but the pics didn’t upload, will have it tomorrow… Hopefully

I apologize for posting and not puting a tut, I’ll try not to jump the gun from now on, I just got excited

Just a hint: it uses a BGE soft body to hide the gap, but it looks like it is flexing.
It only has one joint in the tut, but you can make more.

Hi, I guess, I’ve been already trying to make skinned ragdoll that way about a year ago, but i noticed, that it becomes really unpleasant with complicated models to attach soft bodies to the limbs, as you can pin just one vertex of cloth with one rigid body joint (just imagine the loop of 16 or more vertices in each elbow or knee, the eternity is what you need…). However, I never finished doing it, so tell me, if your computer can handle the simulation (or maybe the geometry of your ragdoll is not very complex).

Here is the test blend, it is not very compex, but it will give you the idea.


Test ragdoll.blend (166 KB)

Ok ya I see how that works. I think it would look even better with a texture. Then you wouldn’t see the shading as much. Pretty good.

Edit: Actually that would be perfect for a stormtrooper or something of the sort, where it has pieces of armor joined by cloth or mesh.