Skinned Ragdoll, Mesh disappears

Hey I made a skinned ragdoll for my rabbit.
Everything works fine in the BGE the rabbit mesh follows the rigid body rig, but in some cases the mesh seems to dissapear though a shadow is still visible of the mesh. Also when I then move the ragdoll rig toward that shadow, in most of the cases the rabbit becomes visible again.

Does this have something to do with the armature?

Is there something like rig occlusion, cause it seems to be an occlusion problem.

Use left mouse to grab and move the rag doll. Move around a bit.

Um, this is very werid!

Ok I´m a little closer, knowing now that it has something to do with object culling since it only happens when the center of the rabbit object is out of the camera view, though the mesh should be visible, since the bones are still in camera view, and that the center of the rabbit doesn´t get updated.
Though knowing the problem doesn´t really help with solving it. Any ideas?

WOHOOOOO I found out how to fix it:
I made a cube (no collision) and parented the rig to it. Then I parented the cube to a part of the ragdoll rig.
Now it works, as the center of the skin object is parented to one of the ragdoll parts it will move with them. Before that it stayed where it was in the beginning no matter how much you moved the rabbit.

I had similar issues when starting out with ragdolls and armatures. As far as I figured the mesh deformation by bones is not taken into account for culling determination and only the basic mesh shape relative to the armature center is used. So moving the armature object along with the bones solved it for me.

Hope this helps.

You only need to parent the armature to the neck. The problem is that the armature is not moving physically with the object. So if you move the rigid body the armature still stay on place. And so the mesh will be culled.