Skinning a character with multiple meshes?

Hello. I figured out skinning a character about 2-3 months ago. However, I just ran into a problem. So I imported the model, everything is great and all. Normally, to do this effect, I would join all the meshes of a character into one, and then add the armature and skin. Well, thats not working. I can still join the meshes, but the textures messes up (cloth texture appears on face). Is there a way to skin a character even though they are many,many meshes?

just parent the individual meshes to the armature one at a time, thats what i do

One problem. Many, many meshes.

same thing. it all depends on where those vertices are parented to. if you take each individual mesh and parent them to the armature then vertex paint them, it will work. trust me i do this all the time with multi-mesh models.