im really having a lot of trouble doing this. i bought the gamekit book off the blender website, but its for 2.25 and i have the 2.41 newer version or whatever, have no idea what its talking about anditslikedothisandimlikeidontknowhowanditslikegrrr…eye twiches violently…anyway, i would be soooo greatful if someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial for skinning for 2.41. thanks so much.

You could try look at the online 2.3 documentation for a start. There’s this gingerbread man tutorial which covers character creation from start to finish. If you get the grip with that, surely the game book will do much help, since so far i see nothing much changes in the skinning process through all the version since.

hope that helsp

other than “create from closest bones” has been replaced by envelopes %|

The Runkler, very funny :smiley: , eye twiching like the guy from the Pink Panther movies.

Blendergame Kit book, I got that myself, I see what you mean, page 191-2, it’s all there but not very clear. This is what I would do:

  1. Select the Mesh first,shift key and hold, and Armature, Control-P to parent together. Choose “Armature” and “name groups”.

  2. Select Mesh, tab to go into edit mode, “a” keyboard key to deselect all vertices.

  3. f9, in the “Vertex Group” area pick the bone name you want to assign first.

  4. Then in the 3D window area, with Mesh still in edit mode, “b” keyboard key and click and hold Left mouse button and select the vertices you want to assign to this bone.

5.Now in Vertex Group area, press “Assign”.

  1. Just under “Assign” button, you will see “Select” and “Desel”(deselect) buttons. Press “Desel.” button to delect vertices. Now go on and assign the rest of the bones the same way following steps 1-6. Good Luck! Post back if you still have any trouble.

thanks guys
and i know that you do it the same way, its just that the buttons are iin diffenent places, or at least they are in the book or something… i really have no idea

I know what you mean Runkler. It’s been difficult to find any help or tutorials for the new version. But I really like 2.41 though. I have found the release notes helpful:
And there are some likes to basic tutorials.
I’ve found If you highlight your mesh in object mode and press CRTL-TAB it will go into weight paint mode. Your mesh will appear to be dark blue. Then with the brush/curse you can paint the weight.
Weight, in this case, would be the amount of response to the bone/armature
the weight scale is from 0=dark blue to 1.0=red
You’ll see options in the editing/painting buttons.

Hope this wasn’t to confusing.