Skinning and Posing

(Abavagada) #1

I have to questions:

  1. Regarding skinning a character. When you are applying vertices to groups, is it better to overlap some vertices between bones, or not. For example, around an elbow, should some vertices below the elbow be assigned to the upper arm, and some vertices above the elbow assigned to the lower arm, or should it be an exact cut, no overlapping?

  2. When simple putting a character into a scene, no animation, is it better to pose them by moving the bones in edit mode, or using pose mode? Remember, this is without animation. While not in pose mode, I can also use IK and contraints. Is that the better way to pose?

(Hos) #2

Overlap when appropriate – but tweak the weights! Be carefull though: placing
verts in too many groups with high weights leads to some problems (like
“Shrinking Ass Syndrome”).

Pose mode only – posing in edit mode will make the armature incompatible with the
pose you used when modelling your character.


(TorQ) #3

You can also use IK and constraints in pose mode. Its probably a better use of your time to pose the character in pose mode.