Skinning Bezier curves???

Well hello,
I started very recently with Blender. Now I have started my first project after some tutorials. I want to create my boat. Now I have already made several profiles to make up the hullform. I have done this with Bezier-curves, because I want the curves to go through specified points. Now my problem is that I cannot get a skin around the profiles. Can anyone give me some tips how to do this? And if it is not possible please give a alternative.

You can’t skin bezier curves in Blender . You can “skin” NURBS surface curves though .
In fact go here
It shows you how to skin a boat in fact .

there seems to be something strage going on, when you join the nurbs they all get joined in 1 plane so you loose all the usefull stuff…

Or am I mistaking?

EDIT: don’t bother my mistake didn’t use nurbs surfaces but curves:o

Well, thanks. I have experimented with those Nurb-curves and the problem with those curves is that I cannot get them go through the specified points, not even when I set the weight to maximum. Is there a tool to make this happen or is there another methode which is better suitable than Nurb-curves?

blender is basically a poly editor, not really much of a nurbs editor. Curves are, for the most part it seems, used as guides. To skin a series of curves you would probably be best off using polylines. Make your first line, ensuring you have enough vertices to cover all the details, then extrude that polyline and shape. And then just keep going until all is fully lofted. The trick to using polys is sub-surfacing. The vertices act as control points similar to those found in nurbs surfaces.

All lofted Surface-Curves have to have exactly the same number of CV’s for it to work. I’m assuming your ‘specified points’ were added ? or that the lofted surface doesn’t go to the ends, in which case you need to click Endpoint U and V.