Skinning by vertex


Is there a way to keep vertex weights constantly normalized, i.e. if I set a weight on a vertex to 100% for a bone that means I’m decreasing it to zero for other bones? I see there’s a normalization tool, but that will make both bones having 50% influence over that vertex.

Also, is there a way or tool or addon to set the numeric influence for multiple vertices?


Try “auto normalise” checkbox in weight painting mode.

By the way: you can select bones, you wish normalise weights with, the last selected bone will be active; then choose “normalise weights” and set checkbox “keep active” (or something like this) in options (press f6 right after command execution).

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

don´t know if this is the way to post, but can´t get the bone white character to turn brown after changing the options in the skin editor and updating.