Skinning convex script ?

I have a test mesh I would like to be able to skin

I recall an old convex hull script, but nothing for skining a mesh over other mesh to start to fit into the grooves at different levels of molding…

Anyway if anyone knows of such or could make one, it would help a lot in the porject I have set up that I will give back to the community when I am done…

Well I found my old post but no replys past that

soo it is still needed, anyone ? :smiley: pretty please

I did wrote a tool to plastic wrap-
(iterative shriking along normals, colliding and relaxing) - to simulate rubber wrapping around an object.
but it uses ray collisions for intersections and is incredibly slow :wink: - Id like python to wrap meshes octree intersection for this, so we could get reasonable speed results

I could post anyway just so others might mess about with it.

That sounds like an interesting script, Cambo. I’d like to try it, myself…

neat!.. I am almost done with the model… It will have a lot of unjoined loose mesh objects as one whole mesh… So things like boolean will not work… So I am hopeful that this will

I could post anyway just so others might mess about with it.

I’ve thought of a context in which I’d like to test this script, if you’re serious about sharing it. Is there any hope of seeing this posted? I am prepared to plead. Pleasepleaseplase. :slight_smile:

How about creating a mesh over a somewhat planar set of points? I have a set of points that amount to a hilly landscape. How can I “drop” a mesh over them to conform to them?


have you used the “retopo” tool nick did for use with his sculpting tool?

It seems like a great tool, but I have a set of points and no mesh. I wish to wrap or drop a plane mesh on top of the points to create my mesh. The points are not too distant in z or vertical height. Thanks,